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Younger Age Groups, February 3

By February 5, 2022Commentary

We started providing a closer look at children because of the terrorism around this age group, largely pushed by teacher’s unions and the vax fanatics.  And I continue to believe that many of the hospitalizations are incidental, but DOH steadfastly refuses to release that data. Dave’s notes:

  1. All data is taken from the Minnesota Weekly Report, available here: The Minnesota Weekly Report lists cumulative totals for tests on Page 9, and for hospitalizations and deaths on Page 22. These cumulative totals are tabulated each week and differences are taken to plot the weekly changes. This week the cases chart was switched from a reported basis, to a specimen collection date basis, now matching the overall age structure charts published on this web site. The cases data is taken from the data file wagscd.csv available from the Weekly Report web site
  2. All data is on a date reported basis except cases, which are on an actual date of event basis. Cases are retroactively updated as new data becomes available.
  3. Fig. 1: Reported testing was moderately higher this week for the young age groups.
  4. Fig. 2: Cases in the young age groups overall were slightly higher, with the large decrease in 0-4 year age group admissions offset by smaller increases in the other age groups.
  5. Fig. 3: ICU hospital admissions in the young age groups decreased to a total of 11, however, the 0-4 age group made up 8 of these admissions.
  6. Fig. 4: Non-ICU admissions were slightly lower for the week. The 0-4 age group had a small increase in admissions, while the other age groups decreased or were level for the week.
  7. Fig. 5: Total ICU and Non-ICU admissions were slightly lower for the second week in a row.
  8. Fig. 6: Deaths in children reported by Minnesota remain very rare. No Covid deaths were reported this week in these age groups.

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