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Younger Age Group Charts, January 21

By January 22, 2022Commentary

Dave mentions this as well, but every jurisdiction that has given us accurate information on incidental hospitalizations, especially among younger age groups, is showing that 50% or more are not for treatment of CV-19.  So I don’t for one second believe the number of hospitalizations DOH is attributing to CV-19 in these younger age groups, especially with the spread of Omicron.  These are other respiratory illnesses and other causes for hospitalization that happen to test positive.  And we see the ridiculous level of testing in these age groups.

Dave’s notes:

1. All data is taken from the Minnesota Weekly Report, available here: The Minnesota Weekly Report lists cumulative totals for tests on Page 9, and for hospitalizations and deaths on Page 22. These cumulative totals are tabulated each week and differences are taken to plot the weekly changes. This week the cases chart was switched from a reported basis, to a specimen collection date basis, now matching the overall age structure charts published on this web site. The cases data is taken from the data file wagscd.csv available from the Weekly Report web site

2. All data is on a date reported basis except cases, which are on an actual date of event basis. Cases are retroactively updated as new data becomes available.

3. Fig. 1: Reported testing was sharply higher this week for the young age groups.

4. Fig. 2: Cases in the young age groups have all dropped fairly equally from last week’s record highs. Given suspected reporting lags we will likely see this week’s lower total increased next week.

5. Fig. 3: ICU hospital admissions in the young age groups increased to a total of 19, led by 7 admissions in the 15-19 age group and 7 in the 0-4 age group. Given the recent reports of admissions for non-Covid reasons being attributed to Covid it would be helpful if the Minnesota Department of Health would publish weekly admissions for non-Covid diagnoses. This would help put the Covid admissions in context, and also identify drops in non-Covid admissions that may be incidentally Covid.

6. Fig. 4: Non-ICU admissions were slightly higher, exceeding last week’s record Non-ICU admissions. The largest increases were in the 5-9 and 15-19 age groups, while the 10-14 age group was unchanged and the 0-4 age group was slightly lower.

7. Fig. 5: Total ICU and Non-ICU admissions were slightly higher for the week.

8. Fig. 6: Deaths in children reported by Minnesota remain very rare. One Covid death was reported this week I the 10-14 age group.

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