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Use Your Wallet to Fight Against Stupid and Racist Policies

By January 12, 2022Commentary

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are planning to join other cities run by whacko progressives, none of whom have any experience ever managing anything and who are goofball cretins and parasites leeching off the taxpayers, in requiring vaccination or negative test to go into a business.  Both those cities have had their businesses devastated by the epidemic and this will be the last straw for many.  I wasn’t ever going to patronize any business in either of those cities again anyway, because of their looney-tune policies and the fact that it isn’t safe for anyone, and this just adds to my determination.  And I strongly, strongly encourage anyone who lives in the area and anyone who lives near a city with a similar rule to never, ever patronize a business in these locations.

It is harsh and it punishes the business owners who are not at fault, but until the pain level for these completely insane ideologues gets high enough that they back off, or the pain for the people who live, work and own businesses in these cities gets high enough that they stop electing morons, it is the only rational course of action.  And I needn’t add that this is a deeply, deeply racist policy, as African-Americans are the group in the cities with the lowest vaccination rate.  The policy applies to children as young as five.  This kind of coercion in vaccinating children who have miniscule risk from CV-19 deserves to be met with absolute and total opposition.

You all know I am vaccinated, boosted, and I encourage people with any signficant risk to get vaccinated, after proper medical advice.  I constantly point out the misinformation coming from anti-vax zealots.  But I am not and never will be in favor of this facist approach to public health.

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  • TimWalzLies says:

    It allows a negative test, PCR only, as exception. >72 Hours. At the same time MN has strained its testing capacity on a $140 test to taken by the non-sick.

    And while Vault Health criminals are still airfreighting spit to NJ with big delays and weekend closures.

  • Carol G Mike says:

    Please do not boycott our businesses. We will never ask for your proof of vaccination
    We will silently protest this insanity. They can’t enforce it.
    An Eastside Restaurant
    Eastside Strong

    • Kevin Roche says:

      please tell me the name of the restaurant and I will encourage people to go there if you are exempt or just not enforcing the mandate

  • Chris W says:

    Agree. We must refuse to submit to unjust and unnecessary rules.

  • sorry Carol, i truly am. Seeing videos of police beating people who did not show vax passports, i will not take that chance. You could get swatted, by a Karen, for not checking, and my luck i’d be the one the cops drag out, throw down, and cuff

  • James L. Edholm says:

    Carol G Mike – I’m not a potential customer – I’m in Florida – but you should be writing NOT to readers of this column. Rather, you should be writing to your city council members, elected politicians, and you should get OTHER businesses like yours to join your effort. Only by letting these idiots know that you – and the rest of us – have had it with their lunacy do we have any chance of ending this autocratic BS.

  • Dan says:

    Before the BLM riots I felt safe cycling in literally any part of the cities. Since then I’ve ridden there once to Lake Calhoun. I also used to love xc skiing at Theodore Wirth but it’s no longer safe to drive there either since you are more likely to get car jacked or have your catalytic converter stolen then catch Covid. The Minneapolis City Council is such a bunch of wackos they have couldn’t even get anyone with a brain to run for mayor.

  • Rob says:

    I agree with Kurt. You will get swatted y a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The policy is designed to force you to close your business. You stay in business at your peril. This is worse than Prohibition. Welcome to Soviet America

  • Carol G Mike says:

    St Paul restaurants without liquor licenses are not subject to the mandate. Please go to our small family restaurants.

  • DJ says:

    It is well known by now that you can be vaxxed and boosted and still be infected with Omicron.

    So you can be infected and still to to restaurants and sporting events as long as you have your “papers, please”.

    Makes perfect sense to me…

  • Colonel Travis says:

    Wish you the best, Carol G Mike. I’m sorry you’re in a bad situation right now.
    Easier said than done but move to Texas, we will welcome you!

  • Gregg Anderson says:

    So, Dan, what your telling me is the city where, alone, in fourth grade I used to ride the bus downtown , is no longer?

  • Kelstar says:

    “The policy is designed to force you to close your business.”
    This is what I started wondering a couple of weeks ago when vaccine mandates kicked in in NYC, along with more serious mask mandates. I did notice less people in my office building, shops, the train, etc. Could have been a coincidence because of the holidays, but it got me to think: Are people supposed to get so frustrated with all the rules that they just stay home? Is this supposed to wreck the economy all over again? Is this the point?

  • Ganderson says:

    Mass mask news: The statewide mask mandate for school kids has been extended until mid February- look for it to be extended then as well. The head of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association announced yesterday that all MIAA member schools must continue to require winter sport indoor athletes, mainly hoops and hockey, to wear masks while playing.

  • John Johnson says:

    I heard on the news that half of NYC restaurants are closed and there are many places just trying to wait this out so they can open again. Too much uncertainty to make any financial risk.

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