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The Star Tribune Commits Journalistic Malpractice, Again

By January 9, 2022Commentary

Our local newspaper does its best to be the arm of the Democratic party that all mainstream media take an oath to be and therefore they faithfully carry whatever message our Governor, little Timmy Walz and his DOH want, and as importantly, that the parent entity to the Democrat party, the teachers’ union, desire to see.  The union wants to force kids to get vaxed, wants them masked forever, wants them testing every hour on the hour, wants teachers to be paid triple time, but not have to get vaxed, and wants DOH to put out all the scary information they can on children and CV-19 to support all these messages.  The Strib duly follows orders.  And so today’s headline, which claims in the largest possible type, that while hospitalizations in children are rare, they are increasing, and goes on to use purely anecdotal evidence to support that claim.  The journalist who wrote the story is actually excellent, but he doesn’t do the headlines, and the editors undoubtedly shape the perspective of the story.

Here is the truth, which the paper knows.  There is no increase whatsoever in hospitalizations in children, in fact there has been a decrease.  And the paper also knows that as has been reported several times elsewhere this week, in Minnesota as in those other places, many if not most hospitalizations in children attributed to CV-19 are purely incidental, they are there for another reason and just happen to have a positive test.  There are basically zero hospitalizatons for CV-19 treatment in healthy children.  Zero.  The child pictured in the story, for example, is unfortunately clearly obese.  But DOH and its teachers’ union master wouldn’t want parents factoring accurate information about the risk of CV-19 to children into decisions about vaccinating their children or wondering if masking them forever is really good for them.

This is the lowest, most despicable form of fear-mongering, but about what we can expect from this paper and the media in general.  And that is one reason why it is so hard to have a rational, fact-based epidemic response.

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  • Don says:

    It also supports the lazy “pill to cure all” (or jab to cure all) which we know is not true. It’s a spam email headline that people want to believe because it’s easier than doing something.

  • S_M says:

    When are people going to say “Enough is enough”? I just don’t understand it.

  • Harley says:

    These newspaper people are not professionals. The concept of “journalism” was lost a long time ago. They are political PR hacks, nothing more.

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