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When You Think They Can’t Get Any Stupider, You Are Wrong

By January 6, 2022Commentary

Our Governor is a moron, ineducable, a blizzard of lies and misinformation, a coward, afraid of the truth, focussed on messaging and treating the public like they are as dumb as he is, and completely unwilling to acknowledge or take responsibility for his massive failures and his previous lies.  50,000 Minnesotans will die even if we lockdown.  A couple of weeks and we will flatten the curve.  Wear a mask and this will all be over.  Get vaccinated and this will all be over.  Get vaccinated and you won’t have to wear a mask.  Now it is get tested and this will all be over.  How long before people wake up and realize it is all lies, the IB has no clue what is going on or what a reasonable response would be.

Now he is opening even more testing sites, doing even more testing, all of people who think they may have the Omicron variant, all of people with no real symptoms, basically a winter cold.  So we will have record numbers of cases that mean nothing, we will have children miss school; we will have people miss work; it will disrupt the economy again; people will seek health care they don’t need; putting even more pressure on over-burdened health resources because we are firing people who won’t get vaccinated; people will be unduly anxious, and on and on.  There literally could not be a stupider policy.

And of course we will have massive numbers of false and low positives; we will have no idea who is actually sick or infectious; and people will repeatedly take tests and test positive, because like all coronaviruses, Omicron will always be there and will be in your nose or upper respiratory tract a lot of the time.  So what?  Look at what is happening with hospitalizations.  Be grateful that CV-19 appears to be coming round to a seasonal coronavirus with minimal morbidity.  This is likely exactly how we got the other four seasonal coronaviruses.  They started out as serious epidemics, they ran through the population, adaptive immunity arose, the virus came to a truce with humanity–I get to keep infecting you and replicating, but I won’t do much damage.

I really cannot believe how absolutely insane our leaders are.

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  • “I really cannot believe how absolutely insane our leaders are.”

    Yeah but think how insane the followers are!

    People lap it up. They put masks on their faces. They put masks on their children. They get tested again and again. They get as many “vaccination” shots as you tell them to take.

    We are living in an idiocracy.

  • Debra says:

    At some point one really has to put some blame on that population that continues to blindly go along with whole panic program. What is wrong with all those non-sick people standing in line for a test? That’s not a “go along to get along” situation (like masks). I hope they’re a small minority, but they’re useful idiots to our public health experts and media.

  • Richard Allison says:

    Couple of edits for you to consider:

    Delete Governor insert President.

    Delete 50,000 Minnesotans insert 400,000+ Americans.

    Delete IB insert Brandon.

    There, now you have stepped up from accurate regional to accurate national commentary.

  • Kurt Anderson says:

    the demand on testing system is only going up, as the company mandate of vax or test are kicking in after 04-jan. my company is requiring test proof in Mar. all i hear is pharmacy are out and testing sites lock their door with a sign saying they are out. where is Walz getting theses test kits for the new sites? is there a test kit shortage because Walz has been hoarding them?

  • Tom Heller says:

    As a sceptic I think ‘our leaders’ are perfectly sane if their intention is to continue mail in balloting in 2022 with the same abandon we saw in 2020 – and i think there is no doubt about their intentions. Covid was never about science (i’ll give our leaders a pass for mid-February to the end of May 2020) – it was all about not letting a good opportunity go to waste, aka political.

  • dell says:

    Oh my, if you thought we had trouble think about this at the Supreme Court.

    The article says, “nearly 207 million Americans, 62.3% of the population, are fully vaccinated, and more than a third of the country has received a booster shot, including the nine justices.”

    * “including the nine justices.” In a more perfect world doesn’t that mean they must recuse themselves? The Court is as biased as can be.

    Also, there is no doubt since they are government employees they are REQUIRED to be vaccinated. Like the rest of us be fined? Do Jail time: Or be fired? So much for ‘conservative’ Constitutionalism.

    The “justices” have already made the decision that the government has the authority and inoculations provide essential healthcare to the public.

    With all those vaccinations how can Covid even exists, how can so-called infections be increasing by the millions? Data doesn’t matter.

    Subtract the student aged cohort (56,000,000) who don’t get impacted and the data is even further skewed. The old timers on the Court are helped by the inoculations. Practically no one else.

    And Sotomayor has taken it yet another step, she’s a mask bandit.

    ” The court said Friday that Justice Sonia Sotomayor would not be on the bench with her colleagues, opting instead to take part remotely from her office at the court. Sotomayor, who has had diabetes since childhood, has been the only justice who wore a mask to previous argument sessions in the courtroom.”

  • quentin49 says:

    “This is likely exactly how we got the other four seasonal coronaviruses. They started out as serious epidemics, they ran through the population, adaptive immunity arose….”

    This is exactly the case. A great example is influenza-A, which is the mutated H1N1 virus that the 1918-1919 Spanish flue pandemic. It is now a seasonal flu and we still do not have very effective vaccines to prevent it. Covid-19 will become the 5th seasonal corona (i.e. cold) virus circulating in the United States.

    However, before you get too hard on our hair-brained politicians, look what the Chinese communists are currently doing in China, literally locking healthy people into their homes. Are they hiding something from us – again?

  • Patrick says:

    I’ve said this before but I truly believe that if Hillary had won in 2016, we would not be here today. This would have come and gone as if it was another strain of the flu, like the swine flu did. There would not have been demand for daily press briefings and, “why is the president not leading on this”, or something like that. The media would have done everything in their power to get her re-elected in 2020 vs the mess we got. There would not have been mass hysteria around the world because the American media drives so much of the narrative. I remember saying it to my wife in March of 2019 that it’s the media trying to make Trump look bad. This is TDS driven hysteria and the power mongers are reluctant to give up the power. On the other hand a lot of people have died. Realistically and I hate to be so callous about it but people die every day of any number of illnesses. My father died in 2019, but not of or with COVID but dementia. I strongly believe it was greatly accelerated by the no visitors policy in the hospital and everybody he ever saw in the hospital was scary because of all the stupid masks.

  • JR Ewing says:

    It’s recency bias and narcissism and it has been since the start of this thing.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    When you think they can’t get any stupider, Justice Sotomayor opens her mouth.

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