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What’s Going On, What’s Going On

By January 4, 2022Commentary

Love to see what the incandescent Marvin Gaye would make of these times.  We are hitting a new fever pitch of tension and craziness.  Schools are doing virtual or remote “learning”; parents are at their wit’s end on how they are supposed to cope with children at home and work.  Children continue to be deprived of a real education, are being terrified for no reason, forced to hide their faces behind masks, being vaccinated against a virus which is a non-existent threat to them.  People are getting tested for having cold symptoms and are isolating and quarantining pointlessly.  We are pushing people past the breaking point.

So here is the question.  How long are you going to take this crap?  When are you going to tell the politicians and the public health experts and the teachers’ unions and all the others who won’t let go of their obsession with this epidemic that enough is enough.  How many children have to literally go crazy or commit suicide or overdose on drugs?  How many lives ruined is enough for the teachers’ union?  It is clear these people have no principles, no shame, no courage, no convictions, only politics and self-interest.

You all have to speak out now, you have to write to your school boards, your administrators, you have to organize protests and demonstrations, you have to besiege your legislators and demand that they stop this insanity.

Coming on two years ago I placed an ad in the Minneapolis paper decrying the response to the epidemic, and especially the damage we would do to children–everything I said in that ad has come to pass.  This isn’t, however, about what I think; it is about what is obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes, use common sense and see the plain truth.

I don’t believe I can find a different and more persuasive way to say what has repeatedly been said and is so painfully, painfully obvious.  We can’t defeat CV-19.  It doesn’t care about defeating us, it doesn’t care about being defeated, it doesn’t care about anything, it has one purpose–to replicate.  It will find a way to do that and will transform itself in whatever manner needed for that purpose.  Do we really not yet accept this?  Do we really not understand that our vain and pointless suppression attempts have actually made the consequences of the epidemic worse?  Can we not hit pause and reconsider our approach?

The only way this changes and the damage stops is if we all insist that it change.  We cannot accept absurd testing approaches, we cannot accept constant isolating of people from their work, their families, their friends.  We have to stop destroying our children.  I am doing everything I can to help people see reason and understand how foolish we have been and what the right course is.  Please do whatever you can to the same end.

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  • George O'Har says:

    Well said, Mr. Roche. You are and have been at the forefront in the fight against insanity.

  • Tom+M says:

    If the authorities admit defeat now, it says the entire strategy for the last two years was wrong. They won’t ever admit that.

  • rob says:

    In the better late than never category, even the New York Times today had a big article about the horrible damage being done to children, like they just discovered it this week! This is a huge change in perspective for the NYT and I’m guessing it’s an indication that the insanity will be ending soon, or at least scaled way back.

  • TTSSYF says:

    Mr. Roche, I hope you will contact Joe Rogan for an interview on his podcast. Both Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone — as well as Alex Berensen — have been on the podcast for lengthy (nearly three-hours long) interviews by Joe Rogan, who is, in my opinion, an excellent interviewer.

  • Turd Ferguson says:

    The disparity by geography even in the same county is telling. Our little district in the west metro has been mask-free since mid-September, and if you walk around towns/sports you’d never know we’re in a pandemic. A few miles to the East it’s all masks all the time.

  • JR Ewing says:

    I went to the grocery store yesterday here in Houston and saw more masks than I have in a very long time. I decided that that I would just start laughing at people wearing them. Got some very angry looks but nobody said anything back to me either.

    A year ago after the January 6 panic, after Trump got banned from Twitter and Ron Paul was suspended from Facebook, I dumped Facebook for good and deleted my account. Sometimes I wish I had the Facebook account back just so I could throw bombs at the panickers.

    Yes I’m going to piss some people off but hopefully some others will engage in some self-reflection.

    This is getting out of control and it will never end unless we make it end. It’s nothing but cosplay now. Open sports stadiums and maskless states and the worthless vaccines have proven it.

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