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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 80

By January 3, 2022Commentary

I just am in disbelief that once more we are going into full-blown panic mode, closing schools, limiting business activities, treating people who have a cold as though they are ebola victims.  I am beyond words to express my concern that we have learned absolutely nothing and come to no understanding about the nature of what we are dealing with.  It is as though the people who run the country have a suicide wish–a desire to completely destroy our society.  They are well on the way.

The response to the epidemic has been completely unbalanced and has ignored the wider public health effects of response measures.  As a result people have missed a lot of health care and suffered a lot of mental and behavioral problems, including greater drug and alcohol abuse.  And they are dying as a result.  I firmly believe that when properly attributed, there will be more deaths from the responses than from CV-19.  Here is a story in which a life insurance executive describes the large rise in deaths in adults between age 18 and 64, a rise which is not due to CV-19 alone, but primarily to missed health care leading to exacerbation of serious illness.  (LI Story)

The research of course is Moronic heavy.  The study compares outcomes in the first three days after patients were infected with Moronic and after Delta.  I am always a little cautious about these comparisons because if they are don’t at the same point in a variant wave, there could be confounders.  Even adjusting for vax status, the risks of serious illness and outcomes for Moronic were substantially lower.  Children, already at miniscule risk from CV-19, were at even less risk from Moronic.  But let’s keep making them mask and miss school, because, well, science, at least science in an alternative universe.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study attempted to ascertain the ability of the immune response from individuals with different infection/vax histories to fend off Moronic.  Moronic was not easily neutralized by persons who were vaxed but had no history of a Delta or other variant breakthru infection.  Those with a breakthru infection, in contrast, had a very strong reaction that did neutralize Moronic.  In addition, the longer the time interval between vax and breakthrough, the stronger the antibody response against Moronic.  This suggests that memory B cells take a while to mature and organize a strong response.  Somewhat bafflingly, the authors did not study the role of earlier infection or of infection alone, but they were using health care workers, and very few may have been unvaxed.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another paper that compares antibody response from vax and infection.  It also found Moronic most resistant to neutralization and found very wide variation in individual neutralization levels.  Vax appeared to elicit stronger response to Moronic than did prior infection, particularly after a booster dose.  (Medrxiv Paper)

According to this study, among people who had a known contact with someone with CV-19, the vaccines were 70% effective in preventing infection, versus 80% among persons with no known contact.  Time since vax was not included as a factor.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Canadians too have learned that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against Delta infections lessens quickly, although this study found that a booster kicked it back up to 93% initially, but both two doses and a booster were relatively ineffective against Moronic, with an protection level of only 37%, which also will likely decline.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This research from Houston finds a very rapid takeover of cases by Moronic, but more were in younger patients (likely a vax effect), the rate of hospitalization was substantially lower, length of stay was lower and in general there was much less serious illness.  In addition, the rate of breakthru infections was very high.  (Medrxiv Paper)



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  • Kurt Anderson says:

    we should be treating people as ebola victims. no masks. no mandates. we can recall watching overhead video of the first ebola victim, brought to US, step out of the ambulance and walk to the ED door! huh? no containment tent over the stretcher? no hazmat suits? people watched expecting worse, like blood oozing from orifices.
    yes, let’s go back to the ebola protocol!!!

  • guest says:

    1. Glad you saw the Indiana Life Insurance CEO article; was going to add that one to the comments. Your take that the rise is due “primarily to missed health care leading to exacerbation of serious illness” seems more like an hypothesis (a very reasonable one) based on CEO saying hospitals are being flooded with patients with many different conditions than something the CEO explicitly stated in the article? Anyways, it would be fascinating to know what the data says in more detail: breakdowns by smaller age segments, since 18 to 64 is such a wide range, and breakdowns by cause of death. I assume the CEO has that data as well? This also has me wondering if state health departments have access to similar levels of data from within their own datasets – and why appropriately de-identified versions of the data are not made available to the general public.

    2. Risk of Myopericarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in a Large Integrated Health System: A Comparison of Completeness and Timeliness of Two Methods
    (preprint and not peer-reviewed; posted December 27, 2021)
    Vinay Prasad has a 5 minute video giving his take on the paper. Very interesting, especially how authors collated data.

  • Ted says:

    The first story in this summary – about the large rise in non-covid deaths seen by a life insurance company – has also been picked up by Zerohedge:

  • Harley says:

    What is truly amazing is how few people in the medical field have spoken up in opposition to all this monkey buisiness.

    Are the economic factors which seem to silence them that strong and irrestible?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      whether they acknowledge it or not, almost everything is based on people’s economic interests and influences

  • guest says:

    Here is the interview of the life insurance and retirement company executive from Indiana.

    Begins around 21:30 mark and goes to about 25:44 mark.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    I’m still awed by the complete inability of our “betters” to see the evidence that is literally staring them in the face. I saw a “Democrat operative” on a Fox News show just yesterday (1/3) repeat that “this is a pandemic of the unvaxed.” Well, if we assume – logically, at least to me – that the spread is mainly driving by those over age 18, and then we look at the number of American vaxxed in 2021, we find this interesting fact: 200 million Americans were vaxxed in 2021. There are 209 million Americans over age 18. 200/209 = 95.7%. How, pray tell, can ANYONE with an IQ above room temperature say that “this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed”? What am I missing???

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