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CV-19 Deaths in Young Minnesotans

By December 29, 2021Commentary

The information I posted a week or so ago about deaths in children made me wonder more about Minnesota’s alleged CV-19 deaths in the young.  So I turned to our resident expert on the Minnesota death certificates, DDL, who very kindly looked at deaths in the 40 and under group, according to the death certificates.  Like everything else out of DOH, the death reporting is a mess.  Among other things, as DDL pointed out to me, the death certificates don’t match up with what is in the situation report and weekly report, which might be timing, but appears to be more than that since in some cases less deaths are reported and in others more.  So she collected every death certificate which mentioned CV-19 and abstracted the clinical information.

In any event, the certificates show exactly what I expected.  It is very rare for a true CV-19 death to occur in a younger Minnesotan.  And when deaths in this age group are attributed to CV-19, there usually is another real cause.  Here are some examples, in ascending age order:

The first three deaths of very young infants clearly had nothing to do with CV-19 and probably aren’t on DOH’s list.  In two the mother had had CV-19 and in the other the infant had severe health issues.  The other infant death is on the DOH’s list I believe, and is the one they treated so mysteriously but used to terrorize parents as much as they could.  The child died at home, which is odd, and had severe respiratory distress, but not clear it was only due to CV-19, or what else was going on.  I am very dubious this death is actually attributable to CV-19.

Now on to a 7 year old, who also died at home, but had mitochrondrial complex 1 deficiency.  Unfortunately children with this genetic disorder very, very rarely survive childhood.  This child would never have died with a CV-19 infection, or likely even been sick, in the absence of the genetic disorder.  Definitely not a CV-19 death.

The next death is a 15 year old.  So let’s stop there for a minute.  Absorb what we have seen so far in the actual death certificates.  In under 15 year olds, not a single real CV-19 death.  So maybe we can stop provoking anxiety in parents and trying to scare them into vaccinating children.

The 15 year old died of a heart attack and apparently had pneumonia related to CV-19, but was also obese and the obesity was listed as a contributing cause of death and there was an autopsy, which is also unusual.  I suspect very morbid obesity and other conditions and I suspect this is one of a number of younger people who were in residential behavioral health facilities who have been on the CV-19 death list.  Children with severe mental deficiencies also tend to have multiple physical health issues.  Again, absent the other issues, no way CV-19 takes the life of a 15 year old.

Next up a 17 year old, supposedly died of acute respiratory distress caused by CV-19, but very odd co-diagnoses–brain hemorrhages, acute kidney failure, cerebral edema and herniation.  Not typical sequelae to CV-19 disease, so I suspect more going on here than CV-19 as well.

Three 19 year-olds.  The first had a serious genetic disorder which caused severe end-stage renal disease.  Also no way CV-19 kills this 19 year-old without the underlying condition.  The second is the classic completely misattributed death.  The person had a positive test four days before dying of a fentanyl and meth overdose.  I would like to believe DOH isn’t calling this a CV-19 death, but I will bet they are.  CDC definitely is.  The third one was also a fentanyl overdose that at some point had a CV-19 positive test.

So there you are, your potential deaths in those 20 and under in Minnesota.  Want to believe it gets any better in those under 30 and over 20?   A 21 year old has only CV-19 on the death certificate but dies in the ER?  I don’t believe it, have to see the charts.  A 22 year-old with cerebral palsy is called a probable CV-19 death, which likely means there wasn’t even a positive test.  A 23 year-old has bacterial pneumonia and actute renal failure, but apparently also a positive CV-19 test.  Wasn’t CV-19 that killed him or her.  A 23 year-old is said to have CV-19 pneumonia, but dies in the ER from alcohol, oxycodin and other drug overdose and was obese.  A 23 year-old dies from opioid abuse, but has a recent CV-19 diagnosis.  A 24 year-old who is obese, has asthma, has pulmonary embolisms and anti-coagulation therapy dies with a CV-19 diagnosis.  A 24 year-old who looks like a pure CV-19 death.  A 24 year-old who has severe kidney disease and pancreatitis.  A 25 year-old with autism, a tracheostomy, and other issues dies of a seizure.  A 25 year-old with multiple drug abuse issues and other problems, but somewhere in the past had CV-19.

Okay, that’s enough, you get the drift, I can keep going to 30 and beyond and what you see repeatedly is a lot of drug abuse, a drowning, a lot of very serious disease, and very few pure CV-19 deaths, and several of those are deaths at home, which is highly suspicious.  Death certificate completion is highly variable, and I suspect some of these home deaths may be overdoses or other causes, that the certifier decided to spare the family from being on the certificate.

What would be really helpful is for DOH to tell us which of these deaths are included in its count of CV-19 deaths and why.  And even more helpful, since this is a small number of deaths, would be for DOH to do a full review of the medical records of these individuals.  But that wouldn’t fit the terrorization message.


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  • Joseph Lampe says:

    During the first 4 months of 2021 I collaborated with DDL on analysis of MN DOH cause of death reporting. I fully concur with the latest iteration of that work. DOH has bungled cause of death reporting. Incredibly unprofessional. And their original 18 page “guidance” to doctors is part of the problem. Few certifiers appear to be properly trained in coding deaths. And they are using error prone PCR tests as definitive and overriding cause of death.

  • Jake says:

    It hurts my heart to read about these young people dying, but I’m hurt even more by their deaths being misappropriated. Thank you for doing this investigative work.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    A while ago I looked at under 18 year old deaths in Los Angeles County. The public health website lists 7 pediatric deaths, one under 5, one under 12, and the rest teens. If you wade through the daily press releases, they always mention the pediatric deaths. Four explicitly mentioned that there were other medical issues involved, and the releases were silent on the rest. The last death was August 24th, so no child has died in 4 months, with schools mostly open.

    Remember, too, that the FDAs own slides, released when they approved the vax for kids, said zero children had died in hospitals of Delta.

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