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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 77

By December 29, 2021Commentary

Okay, it is becoming more and more apparent that we have a lot of noise in hospital and death numbers and the state and CDC are long overdue to address the problem because it keeps things hyped up when the truth is a lot scarier.  Or do the agencies like having things scary?  I bring this up because we are seeing a plethora of stories about how a large percent of hospitalizations attributed to CV-19 are not admissions for treatment of CV-19 disease.  We have had stories from the UK and around the US.  Here for example from a hospital system in Florida is acknowledgement that about 60% of CV-19 hospitalizations are for something else.  (Fla. Story)

So when people talk about hospitals being overwhelmed or a big increase in hospitalizations, be skeptical, be very skeptical. And if they say it about children’s hospitalizations, be super-skeptical.  One of the worst attributes of the handling of this epidemic has been the failure to provide, indeed the insistence on not providing, relevant information and complete data.  All to support desired messaging.  People are entitled to the full and complete truth in a supposed democracy.

And while I am not in any manner opposed to vaccination, the mandates need to be recognized as causing serious issues among our health care workforce.  They are stupid, but so is the Presidementia who pushes them.  I don’t think he has a clue about anything, I believe he is literally out of it, and an appropriate cognitive test would show that in about five questions.  It is dangerous, very dangerous to have a mentally incompetent President.  But he does say some amusing things, like now wanting the states to be responsible for fighting CV-19, after campaigning on making it his number one federal priority and issuing federal mandates.  I am sure his lawyers are scrambling to figure out how to repair the damage that statement will cause.

And I will keep beating the drum on the stupidity of the testing regimen as well.  The CDC is under pressure to change isolation guidelines because it is hurting the economy and the Presidementia, and CDC is now primarily a political organization.  So they are backing off some guidelines, and in their inconsistent inaneness they partly justified this by referring to over-sensitive PCR tests.  Well, maybe you should just stop testing so much.  Of course, they think that masking is the answer so they are pushing even more for people to just stay masked.  Incapable of learning.

You know how I feel about what has been done to children by our response to the epidemic.  The virus didn’t do this, our fearless leaders did.  This study highlights the damage done to young children by being isolated and missing early learning.  And as I always point out, the poor and disadvantaged suffer most.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This paper dealt with hospitalized infants who apparently also had a positive CV-19 test.  What is most notable is the extremely small number of hospitalizations.  Not clear in what cases the reason for hospitalization was actually not CV-19.  Supposedly two-thirds of these infants were previously healthy.  None died.   (Ped. Article)

We are going to see a blizzard of Moronic research papers. (No, Dr. Osterholm, it won’t be a blizzard of cases, at least not in any clinical sense.)  This one from South Africa examines vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization in Moronic compared to Delta cases.  In the Moronic period effectiveness was 70%, versus 90% in the Delta period.  The most serious confounder here is the failure to take time from vaccination fully into effect.  And we know that the vaccines seem to remain effective longer against hospitalization but there still can be some lowering of effectiveness.    (NEJM Article)

A quick research letter, also from South Africa, indicating that boosters appear, with the emphasis on appear until more time passes, to create stronger neutralization of Moronic than do two doses alone.  (NEJM Letter)

Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies; is your whole immune system antibodies?  No it isn’t, T cells are probably more important in some ways.  This study finds that T cells generated by prior infection or by vaccination remain quite capable of responding to an attempted infection by Moronic.  (Medrxiv Paper)

CDC did an investigation of a Moronic cluster (no, not an internal investigation of the agency or the White House) and found that among this household in Nebraska, almost all became infected, including those who were vaccinated, those who had prior infection and those who both vaxed and had prior infection.  No serious illness resulted.  (CDC Report)

This study from Japan found that in regard to breakthru infections there was no difference in circulating antibody levels among those vaccinated persons who were and weren’t infected, suggesting it was likely just the randomness of exposure.  (JID Article)

Heart inflammation clearly is a side effect from the mRNA vaccines.  This detailed study using two methods to identify potential cases found a higher, but still very low, rate of this condition following vaccination.  Almost all the patients were young adult males.  Why are we insisting on vaccinating young men, or women, who have virtually no risk from the infection?  (Medrxiv Paper)

In an example of what is likely a care spillover effect, a study from Sweden finds decreasing mortality with each wave in elderly CV-19 patients, but also found a similar pattern, with lower magnitude of variation, in non-CV-19 elderly patients.  Nice piece of research.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Respiratory syncytial virus is a very serious threat to children.  There is an extended history of failed vaccines against the virus, one of the cautionary lessons that should have been top of mind in regard to CV-19 vaccines.  This article suggests that we are getting closer, but maybe we should learn our lesson that real-world experience may be a little different than that postulated by approval trials.  And effective vaccine would be wonderful, but I am dubious until we see the real world outcomes.  (JAMA Article)



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  • Rob says:

    I assume the Biden admin wanting the states to handle responsibility for cv is because they plan on withholding federal dollars from the states that don’t pass vax mandates and that allow early treatment against Fauci’s wishes. Blackmail seems to be the party’s favorite tool.

  • Tom Heller says:

    Mr Roche: in the midst of the inexplicable your insight and humor are welcome!

  • LA_Bob says:

    “And effective vaccine would be wonderful…”

    Yes, it would be, but that would have taken more time, and by the time one comes along, if it does, there might not be any need for it, even among the most vulnerable. That might be an expensive proposition for a pharmaceutical endeavor profiting handsomely off the government’s efforts to “get everyone vaccinated” whether they need it or not.

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