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My Holiday Message

By December 25, 2021Commentary

So let me be nice before I get a little meanness out of system.  We have endured two years of absurd “mitigation of spread” efforts, which is a euphemism for futile lockdowns which have imposed incalculable damage on our society.  Chief among these damages is the loss of enjoyment of the company of others, which is so crucial to the human spirit and experience.  No one should pay any attention to those who tell you to avoid family or friends, ever.  That is what makes life special and enjoyable.  So please, all of you do your best to create happiness and joy in your lives, celebrate your faith or beliefs, and truly, truly, forget all of the epidemic nonsense.

I noted in a tweet yesterday that:  Many people have expressed a desire to get “experiences”, not things for Christmas. Recognizing this trend, Tim Walz and Keith Ellison have arranged for any Minnesotan to get a full carjacking experience at any location in Minnesota. Police to defend you not included.  This is a more true than ever after the conviction of a policewoman who made an innocent mistake and was by all accounts a good officer, and the person she shoot was a pathetic young thug who had allegedly ruined the lives of others by shooting them, robbing them and other nefarious activities.  How will we ever get good people to take the risk of being a police officer again?  This conviction is a grotesque miscarriage of justice and the officer should never have even been charged. So my wish for her is that the next Governor, who hopefully won’t be the current idiot occupant of the office, gives her an immediate and full pardon.

A few special wishes as well:  For little Timmy Walz, the IB hisself, “all I want for Christmas is for you to go away”.  For Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, “fly you to the moon” and stay there.  For Joe Biden, “if I only had a brain”.

But seriously, I hope you all can forget about all of this epidemic fluff, enjoy family and friends, don’t worry about Moronic or any other variant and have a peaceful and relaxing holiday.  And thank every one of you for reading and contributing to the discussion.

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  • Richard Allison says:

    Merry Christmas Kevin,

    Thanks for your inspirational blog keeping many of your readers sane through the Covid insanity of the last two years. I hope you can put your keyboard down for the day and enjoy family and friends this Christmas Day. Best wishes for 2022.


  • Greg says:

    Ditto to Richard’s comments. Wishing a joyous holiday to Kevin and all his readers…

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Thank you for all you do, Mr. Roche. Christmas blessings!

  • Colonel Travis says:

    Merry Christmas Kevin. You’ve been a blessing, I don’t say that lightly. I hope 2022 brings more sanity to the world. Probably won’t. But it’s nice to think so!

  • Pianoman says:

    Merry Christmas Kevin, to you and your family. Thanks for bringing a voice of sanity to Heinlein’s “Crazy Years”.

  • James Alt says:

    Merry Christmas!!

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