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Week-Over-Week Charts, December 21

By December 22, 2021Commentary

Week-over-week analysis also strongly suggesting rollover.  But given the events from late summer to now, caution is warranted.  Thanks once more to Dave Dixon.

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  • The Dark Lord says:

    I completely agree that we are over testing …but I want to point out one thing … the unvaccinated are tested at a FAR higher rate than the vaccinated … and any vaccinated person who tests positive is tested BECAUSE THEY GOT SICK … asymptomatic vaccinated breakthrough cases are not being found … so for breakthroughs we can easily double the known number … this is not true for the unvaccinated as many asymptomatic’s are found in the testing …

    Now I’m still unconvinced that true asymptomatic transmission is occurring (pre-symptomatic sure but not true asymptomatic cases) …

    I suspect that the vaccinated have a longer period of pre-symptomatic virus shedding going on (i.e. when you can infect but think you are fine) which explains the last 2 waves …

    this “vaccine” is a treatment and does little to nothing to reduce the spread of the virus … (unlike nearly every other “vaccine” in use)

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