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Regional Charts, December 20

By December 21, 2021Commentary

We are Minnesota, after all, so we must be unique, right?  No not necessarily, as Dave Dixon’s latest regional charts show.  We look kind of like our neighbors in the Midwest.

Dave’s notes:

1. US case data by state is taken from a CDC database: , This database appears to be corrupted, especially for California, in early 2021. Therefore, all data for all states prior to 8/1/2021 is the version published by the CDC on 10/24/2021. All data starting 8/1/2021 is the most current available data, published by the CDC on 12/20/2021. The CDC did not respond to inquiries regarding the apparent data errors.

2. US deaths data is taken from a CDC data base here:

3.  State population estimates used to calculate rates per 100k are taken from the CDC data file nst-est2019-01.xlsx, available here:

4.  The Midwest region currently has the highest case rate per 100k in the US, with the Northeast region experiencing a rapid rise in cases as well.

5.  All regions appear to have declining deaths, with the Midwest having the highest rate per 100k, and the Northeast the second highest.

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