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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 69

By December 16, 2021Commentary

Well the press in Minnesota couldn’t wait for us to pass 10,000 deaths so they could print completely misleading stories.  We have not had 10,000 people in Minnesota die from CV-19.  We may have had 10,000 people die who had a positive CV-19 test at some point from birth until they died, or maybe even after they died.  I think based on the research that maybe half that number actually died from CV-19 disease, with it being the primary cause of death.  Many of the others were in a frail condition and CV-19 was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.  And of course, it is all the unvaxed people’s fault.  Right now, at this moment, more than half the deaths in the state are in the fully vaxed.  Yes, on a case rate basis and a per capita basis, vaxed people are at much less risk of death.  But I keep saying this and we see it in the headlines today.  There are more than enough deaths in the fully vaxed to keep the terror campaign going.

Far too much common sense in this British Medical Journal article, pointing out how much worse and more panicked our response to this epidemic has been compared to others and how hard we seem to be making it to move on.  (BMJ Article)

Moronic variant panic is in full swing, especially in countries like the UK.  This article says calm down, our T cells are capable of helping to fight any attempted infection.  (Medrxiv Paper)

I don’t speak Danish, I do like to eat it.  The DailySceptic website, which is great, has this summary of a study from Denmark which once more shows very clearly that adaptive immunity following infection is far superior to that induced by vaccination, in terms of protection against future infection.  The combination of vax and infection is slightly better than infection alone.  (DS Article)

And this study from Qatar found that adaptive immunity from infection lead to a far, far lower risk of subsequent infection than occurred among people without evidence of prior infection, including better protection agains variants.  (NEJM Study)

This study from Portugal assessed vaccine effectiveness in the elderly.  As with other research, effectiveness against infection was quite low after a few months.  Effectiveness against hospitalization remained somewhat strong, with a lesser effect in those over 80, while effectiveness against death remained fairly strong throughout the follow-up period.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And this paper from the VA also looked at vaccine effectiveness in older persons.  This gets repetitive, but effectiveness against infection declined substantially in a few months, but remained higher against hospitalization.  (JAMA Paper)

This paper details an outbreak in a nursing home in which all residents and all but one staff were vaccinated.  Spread appeared to start in one vaxed person.  Most of the cases were mild.  Those with prior infection were less likely to be infected.  (JID Paper)

The Kaiser Family Foundation has observed that we have breakthrough hospitalizations.  Really?  It issued a brief on the topic.  It is a bit data, only going into September of this year and therefore suggesting that only 15% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaxed.  The real number now is more like 30%.  Breakthrough hospitalizations are more likely in the elderly and in those with other serious illness, but appear to require less intensive treatment.  The most interesting part of the work however, is the look at whether the admission was likely really for CV-19 treatment.  Both in the fully vaxed and unvaxed group, a significant minority of hospitalizations were clearly not for CV-19 treatment.  (KFF Analysis)

A humorous note, apparently spending time on a cow farm might help protect you against CV-19, as cows get a strain of coronavirus that they often pass to humans and that might have cross-reactive adaptive immunity.  (Medrxiv Study)


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  • Patricia says:

    Cow farm ! That’s why my 69 year old Husband barely got sick . That and type O blood plus being 5’7” 150 lbs 😂

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Regarding that Danish data, I know a little bit about it as I’ve been combing over the official Danish government stats. (The graph in that Daily Sceptic article was lifted from these official gov’t statistics.) Is it not interesting that the yellow line on the graph, which is supposed to show that vaccination plus natural immunity is the best of the best of the best, sir!, has the least data and ends around the end of July, whereas the line for natural immunity carries on right through December?

    I for one find four and a half months of missing data in that series to be very interesting.

  • J. Thomas says:

    I think you are way off with your perspective that 50% of the 10,000 deaths are “from” Covid as the primary cause of death. I didn’t think the death certs were made public for a complete audit ?

    Corona viruses are not in and of themselves deadly. Therefore, there is NO death by Covid alone. They can certainly kick off a chain reaction of other processes that, if not properly treated, can lead to death. The medical community’s horrific protocols early on literally killed large numbers of people in the first 6 months of this ordeal by withholding treatments. These should not be counted as murder, not a Corona death !

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I have no clue where you come up with some of this stuff. Coronavirus is most certainly capable of killing people and has killed a lot of people. If your lungs fill up with coronavirus and you have severe respiratory distress, that is definitely the cause of death. And there is no widespread withholding of supposedly life-saving treatments. There is a lot of madeup crap about how beneficial some things supposedly are, that send people down dead ends that don’t help them.

  • Mr Lock says:

    Kevin. Are we ever going to figure out the “from” v “with” question? Is that possible? If so, when? Next year, 5 years, 10? Thanks

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