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Breakthrough Event Proportions, December 13

By December 14, 2021Commentary

The update with today’s data from the state’s breakthrough data.  Remember this is date of report, not date of event.  The state is stonewalling on date of event, so if they don’t like this method of analyzing the data, they can update the date of event file.  They won’t because it looks worse.  I am certain that by the time we see this week’s data in a month, the vaxed events will be an even greater percent.  And again, my point is that they are a significant contributor to the hospital resource use and there are enough events to feed the terrorist mindset of our beloved idiot governor, the IB hisself.  Ten thousand new fully vaxed cases reported this week alone.  Ten thousand.  Ten thousand.  More than enough ammo for the restrictionists who are clueless about respiratory viruses.

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  • David Eastwood says:

    I’m no statistician, but doesn’t this suggest that while vaccination appears to reduce the chance of hospitalization somewhat, it seems to have no effect on the death rate? Looking at the percentages, that’s the conclusion I come to, but my reasoning may be wrong.

  • Greg says:

    Vaxxed is a word open to interpretation. And not just 1, 2 or 3 jabs. And not just yes or no.

    There is also “willing” (or even anxious) and “coerced”. Are there any data comparing cases hospitalizations, and deaths in “willing vaxxed” versus “coerced vaxxed”?

  • James L. Edholm says:

    I note with interest the comments of the Colorado Governor – their version of an IB – saying that the pandemic is “over.” Interesting to me because:

    1 – He’s declaring it “over” and cancelling all statewide mandates, while still allowing local bureaucrats to remain autocratic and impose their own mandates. That’s, I guess, a semi-good thing and is moving toward acknowledging that this is now endemic and something we have to live with. However,

    2 – He says that only 200 of 1,400 people in ICUs currently are vaccinated. The rest are unvaxed, so, essentially, “to hell with them … they had plenty of time to get vaccinated.” This worries me that he is ultimately moving toward discriminating against those who refuse the party diktat of vaccination and that health care will be allocated on the basis not of need but of political correctness.

  • J. Thomas says:

    The third paragraph basically admits that the last 2 years of fraudulent PCR testing couldn’t distinguish from the Flu …

    I wonder how they are going to keep the hysteria going without the fraudulent testing and how sites who’s foundations are built upon trending and theorizing on fraudulent data are going to ‘connect’ the dots after the testing schemes changes? All prior junk data will not be able to be normalized to the new scheme for junk data.

    The medical tyranny will not end until all fraudulent testing stops. Was there ever a PCR test for the Flu? Was there ever a PCR test for a Cold? Since the medical establishment has by-and-large chosen not to ‘treat’ Covid patients, who cares what your phony test says?

  • J. Thomas says:

    Without the details of the 1,400 IUC patients, it’s all meaningless cherry-picked garbage messaging from another governmental freak. He is more proof that he medical systems are now fully captured by government’s so called health departments. Who by the way are the same people who’ve lost multiples more people to needless death from all other self inflicted, personal decisions, than the Covid count. Where is the accountability for these results?

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