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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 65

By December 9, 2021Commentary

Okay, I am going to make this point again.  One of the bad things about all the vaccine misinformation floating around is that it distracts from the real villains of this epidemic–lockdowns, masking, school closings and other misguided suppression tactics.  There are idiots who have no idea what they are talking about suggesting that the vaccines caused the Moronic variant or that we have all these unexplained excess deaths that must be due to the vaccines.  There are excess deaths, not due to CV-19, in some age groups and in some settings, like the home, and from some causes, like cardiac events, and they are largely caused by missed health care due to the terror campaign.  People were too frightened to get health care they really needed or were told their health care was “elective” so being postponed.  I have pointed out from the very, very start that the toll from this horrific terroristic approach to managing the epidemic would be felt for many, many years and would be higher than that exacted by the virus.  We now have regular stories about missed cancer diagnoses, a sharp rise in malaria deaths, people dying of strokes and heart attacks at home, not to mention all the mental illness issues.  That is all due to lockdowns and terror and those of you who buy into the simply absurd bullshit about vaccines doing it are letting the criminals who intentionally destroyed hundreds of millions of lives off the hook.  So hope you feel good about that.

And here is another point I keep making.  New posts and charts today on breakthrough event proportions, case rates for breakthrough versus non-breakthru cases, and the relative effect of prior infection, vaccination and lack of vaccination.  These charts aren’t perfect, but the state intentionally doesn’t release data in its possession which would make calculation on these issues far easier.  You have to threaten to sue them to get any data.  But what they do show is sufficient events in the fully vaccinated to keep epidemic restrictions going forever because it doesn’t take much for the public health Nazis, and that is seriously exactly what they are, and our cowardly or power-drunk politicians, to keep requiring measures that have been shown over and over and over and over again to have no effect.  And don’t even get me started on the media.

I believe the vaccines are preventing hospitalizations and deaths, but there is a limit to what they can do for seriously ill people or for the elderly.  And unfortunately it doesn’t take many events to feed the terror campaign forever.

People like Awful Andy Slavitt (may have to reconstitute an Axis of Evil, Andy is the sole remaining charter member and continually proves his worth in that category–ignorance and arrogance are a hard combination to beat–and he needs company, Vivek Murthy is an obvious candidate) can deny the benefits of adaptive immunity derived from infection all they want, the research clearly shows it is highly protective, much more so than vaccination alone.  And here is another study, done among health care workers, which demonstrates that.  While the effect of vaccines on circulating CV-19 antibodies dropped soon after vax, those with prior infection had a more durable and stronger response.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Israel initiated boosters early on and the research on their effectiveness so far flows largely from that country, but follow-up periods are very short.  According to this study, people who received boosters were 90% less likely to die than those who did not.  I am just a little dubious due to short follow-up.  (NEJM Study).  And another study from Israel purports to show that a booster reduces risk of infection and serious illness.  (NEJM Paper)

Here is another study assessing the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in older children following mRNA vaccination.  The authors undertook a meta-review of the research.  While these events are rare and the condition generally is mild, given the infinitesimal risk from CV-19 to children, several countries have appropriately advised against encouraging the vaccination of children.  Not the US though, because vax like everything has become insanely politicized.   (Medrxiv Paper)

Mask studies have been generally idiotic and this one follows the pattern.  The authors claim that mask mandates are really great, and are best in counties where stupid Trump voters live.  Blatant political garbage.  And wow, the outcome is whether mask mandates increase mask wearing.  Yeah, I think they might do that.  Do they have any impact on cases, absolutely not, and these dolts didn’t even try to go there.  (SSRN Study)

This study published in a CDC journal comes from Portugal and examined whether breakthrough infections were more common with Alpha or Delta.  There is a serious time period confounder here relating to Alpha being prevalent when vaccinations were beginning and Delta not arising until after that period, but according to the authors, there are more breakthroughs with Delta and Delta has somewhat higher viral loads, but the viral loads in vaccinated persons were lower than in the unvaxed.  (CDC Study)

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  • J. Thomas says:

    An interesting guy from the medical profession and summary of the situation in the UK, with data and very biased perspective. Unfortunately, probably much of it is ‘spot on’.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    Kevin Roche – I am raising this question for discussion purposes and not to argue with your analysis.

    I agree that vaccines are reducing the severity of covid for the vast majority of the vaxed. I also agree that getting the vaccine is a good short term solution. However, my observation is that due to the short term effectiveness of the vaccine, that the best/ultimate long term solution is to develop natural immunity through out the population. So let me know your thoughts on whether the vaccines are potentially impeding the development of natural immunity through out the population and in essense delaying the long term solution? alternatively, if the benefits of getting vaxed and reaching the short term solution warrants the delay in obtaining/reaching the long term solution of population wide natural immunity.

    fwiw, I am not anti vax (even if my question comes out sounding that way)

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Right now, it appears that immunity from infection is stronger. But the problem with just letting the virus run, when we do have vaccines with some effectiveness against serious illness. The vaccines have undoubtedly prevented many deaths. The best combination is both vaxed and infected and we may get there.

  • Andy J Kornkven says:

    So a teenage athlete who collapses on the playing field with a cardiac condition does so because of missed health care appointments, with maybe some contribution from lockdowns and “terror”? Sorry, but the simply absurd bullshit pointing to vaccines is going to continue as long it is the young who are suffering these events. Alex Berenson today cites a study from Hong Kong that found 1 out of 2,300 teenage boys suffered “acute” myocarditis or pericarditis after both Pfizer doses. That is neither as rare or mild as it should be.

  • Troy Sperbeck says:

    Kevin, love the website, it provides invaluable information. Here is a link to Hong Kong study. 37.32 per 100k adolescent males showed myocarditis after the second dose.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      thank you, i did summarize that study a couple of days ago and I think I have made it pretty clear that because of the low risk to young people from CV, I would be very hesitant to vaccinate especially a young male child and I understand young adult males not wanting to get vaxed because of the risk.

  • Dan says:

    Haven’t you linked this guy before? I can’t remember how I found him but I’ve been reading his blog since the start. He’s pretty much against vaccines but he seems to get that based on analyzing actual data. Anyway I like how he makes fun of the nazis in posts like this.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      yes, I have linked to him and I like his work, which I first found in regard to climate change. I don’t pay much attention to anything relying on VAERs.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    In all sincerity, I would like to know the evidence backing up the statement “they are largely caused by missed health care due to the terror campaign” in this longer sentence:

    > There are excess deaths, not due to CV-19, in some age groups and in some settings, like the home, and from some causes, like cardiac events, and they are largely caused by missed health care due to the terror campaign.

    If you can cite (or have already cited) analysis that credibly attributes the excess deaths to these causes, I would like to read it. I know it irritates you when we ask about things you’ve already written up so if it was recent let me know and I’m happy to go back and find it.

    I disagree with, well frankly quite a bit of what you write lately, but in particular this one bothered me:

    > That is all due to lockdowns and terror and those of you who buy into the simply absurd bullshit about vaccines doing it are letting the criminals who intentionally destroyed hundreds of millions of lives off the hook. So hope you feel good about that.

    The entire reason most of use who are sceptical of the vaccines is that the CRIMINALS who intentionally destroyed hundreds of millions of lives, as you so rightly point out from the perspective of masks, lockdowns, school shutdown, etc. are THE VERY SAME CRIMINALS who are segregating our societies, spreading division, forcing us to carry papers to identify us as the unclean ones, lobbying our employers to fire us, injecting our children without our consent, and generally trying to keep us all in a state of fear. We unclean ones are to fear what our governments will do to us, and the vaccinated sheeple are to fear that we unclean ones are killing them off. In every case, it is the same people. There is no escape from this reality, no finessing it, no pretending that you can separate the mass vaccination terror campaign from the rest of this never-ending pandemic of hysteria. We are not letting anyone off the hook. We are simply acknowledging the fact that a fascist who lies and cultivates fear about one thing often lies and cultivates fear about another thing. And so it is. If they lied and failed to the extent they did with the lockdowns why, for even a nanosecond, should we believe them about anything else?

    By the way, I think we should stop referring to Pfizer-induced myocarditis in children as “mild”. I’m not sure that injuring a child for no good reason is morally justified because somebody claims it was “mild”.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      You have blinders on that have a slot that only admits information that says “vaccines are bad”. you have those because you don’t want to get vaccinated so you seek any justification for that. I would sincerely like to see any evidence that suggests any excess deaths are occurring because of the vaccines. And I am done wasting my time trying to convince people who act solely on belief that the data and research may show something other than what they want to believe.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Very simply put …

    People trust their immune systems far more than they trust Fauci and Pfizer, and with good long-term evidence ! Despite your charts and graphs, there is NO meaningful data. (Your only claim can be that it’s all wrong in the same way, so that trending crap compared to crap shows directional value). The entire pandemic is based on a fraudulent PCR testing scheme and the medical system’s pay-to-play CARES Act, and remains so. There are NO ‘excess’ deaths, you die when it’s your time to die. The only way out of this situation is to;

    Step 1, peacefully (I pray) unseat the incompetent monsters who are running the show.
    Step 2, break-up the technocratic oligarchs running the MSM and return it to a valued profession instead of a Hollywood production.

    Step 3, Object to and disobey any and all treats to your freedoms. Stop playing their game and play yours.

    BTW, we ALL wear blinders ! The size of the slit is based on your life’s experiences; the efforts you put into educating yourself, travelling outside your comfort zones and engaging a wide variety of people. You don’t have to work too hard to know that something is up far greater than a seasonal bug.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Kevin, I’m not asking you to convince me of anything, I’m asking you to provide evidence in support of a statement.

    When I asked for evidence supporting your statement, you countered by saying:

    > I would sincerely like to see any evidence that suggests any excess deaths are occurring because of the vaccines.

    That sounds like an admission that you don’t have evidence supporting your statement. Which is fine, but when much of your writing and credibility is based on having “read the research”, you should probably point out when you’re making an assertion based on personal belief.

    I can provide evidence that excess deaths are occurring because of the vaccines. It is not very strong evidence, and it is subject to being rebutted by better evidence if produced, but it’s well-known that if a major change happens in the “outputs” of a system, one first looks to the “inputs”, meaning what has changed, to find an explanation for it. Surely an unrelenting campaign of experimental mass injection across the whole country and a planet is “something that has changed”. It is presumptively the cause, or at any rate presumptively a cause.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I am done wasting my time on issues that people already have made their mind up on. I will give the data and research as best I can, but again, i have been around the block many, many times, and you can’t find emotional belief and i don’t try to.

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