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By December 2, 2021Commentary

Minnesota actually sequences a lot of our virus samples, so it isn’t completely surprising, but the world-ending Moronic variant (do the anagram) was identified here in our own above average state; with only the second official national case.  Now those who live here know that the Moronic variant has been around since the start of the epidemic, in the form of our political leaders, from the top down, and our DOH.  So I don’t know why the panic, the Moronic variants have already done enormous damage to all aspects of life in the state–health, educational, social, business, financial–so I don’t see how things could be any worse.  And the Nu Moronic variant that has everyone abuzz apparently is quite mild, so it would be a great improvement on the Moronic variants we have suffered under since March of 2020, well actually way longer than that.  The Moronic variant seems to spread mostly in one political party and does extensive cognitive damage.  I see nothing to get worked up over, in fact, just another day in the paradise that is Minnesota.

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  • Rob says:

    C’mon Kevin! Panic and constant worry are what the in-crowd digs these days, not calm rationality. Don’t you know how to virtue signal, bro?

  • rob says:

    Seemingly everyone I know has come down with a “cold” in the past week. Not coincidentally, most of us gathered together for Thanksgiving. I typically get a cold once every five years but strangely this is the third one since Covid began. So I was suspicious, and then began hearing that most of the other people at the party have tested positive for Covid this week. Now I’m absolutely sure I have it too, so I go get tested but no Covid, I’m negative. Huh? I’m not believing it.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Very interesting how we already have the new ‘sequence’ for a randomly mutated virus ready to go in our labs. Also just as interesting is how the PCR reference sequences are able to pick up all of the COV2 variants accurately (at 40+ cycles), but not any other ‘cold’ Corona viruses. Fraud, on top of fraud, on top of more fraud. There is no more biochemistry, just computer modeling of these so called pathogens that can be sent a round the world overnight to keep the fear/vaccine train steaming down the tracks.

    If everyone just STOPPED playing the game, the game would be OVER. Running to get a fraudulent PCR test because you have a runny nose is exactly what the tyrants want from a population of surfs.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      it is the same test, you don’t have to pick up every sequence change for every test, or else no test would ever recognize any strain. Every replication has some sequence change

  • J. Thomas says:

    To extrapolate your feedback, then the Corona virus ‘cold’ should show up using PCR? There has to be some type of reference material (software) that the ‘results’ are compared to to provide the ‘positive’ outcome. You’re just making billions of copies of a DNA fragment, one of those has to contain some trace of a virus.

  • Arne Christensen says:

    North Dakota and South Dakota combined are now at about 2,570 covid deaths per 1 million people, from the Worldometers data tables. The U.S. is at 2,440 deaths. There are only 8 states left below 1,600, and it certainly looks like the movement towards the national average by Minn. and other states is going to continue through the winter.

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