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Drug Overdose Hell

By November 18, 2021Commentary

Finally the media can’t ignore one of the main sources of damage from the epidemic response.  The CDC released information showing that at least 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in the 12 months ending in April, mostly fentanyl, a record and still rising number.  (CDC Data)   Minnesota also has had a record number of drug overdoses this year.

Here are the reasons for this truly tragic toll, largely occurring among young Americans and taking far more total years of life than all the supposed CV-19 deaths:

1. It isn’t the virus, it is the response.  We did this, we sent people home, we took them out of school, we took away their jobs, we scared them, we made it impossible for them to get care for drug abuse issues; we did this.  And we knew it was happening and we ignored it because we were so obsessed with stopping every single CV-19 case.

2.  We have no border control.  The drug cartels can and are bringing unlimited amounts of drugs into the country with no effort by the Presidementia to stop it.

3.  Our law enforcemement agencies, especially at the federal level, are obsessed with terrorizing parents who object to the ideological garbage being taught to their children, with chasing phantom white supremicists and with prosecuting other law enforcement personnel, and they are doing nothing about crime in general and the activities of drug dealing gangs in particular.  In my state of Minnesota, our racist thug of an attorney general, Keith Ellison, hasn’t done one thing to interrupt drug dealing or drug shipments, but boy is he good at prosecuting cops and making sure the streets are wide open for criminals.

This drug problem won’t get better til we throw these morons out of office and get serious about protecting our young people from this terrible scourge.

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  • J. Thomas says:

    CDC suicide stats go up to 2019. Interesting that they are not current. Although this statistic has been rising over the last several years nationally, there’s anecdotal evidence of higher rates due to the draconian virus protocols. Add this to the overdoses when referring to collateral policy damage.

    We’re close to nationally legalizing pot. Some cities look the other way at Oxy, Cocaine, Heroin, Benzy’s, etc. The ‘war’ on drugs has a checkered history of corruption within the government, is it any wonder that it’s further out of control under our current circumstances?

    We can’t be hypocrites and say that foreign substances in our bodies are dangerous, but accept taking experimental vaccines because the same government says it’s okay ! What are we really teaching our children?

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