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What I Tweeted Last Nite

By November 18, 2021Commentary

This is what I tweeted last nite.

“It may seem like weird time in Minnesota to be pushing for a different approach to the epidemic, with cases appearing to rise, but this is exactly the time and it is exactly because the fully vaxed are contributing to the case rise. Everyone thought vax would get us out of this. That expectation should never have been set but it was. We are not going to and cannot suppress the virus, we can minimize morbidity and mortality, but especially for the vulnerable elderly, there will always be cases, hosps and deaths. If we don’t accept this reality and stop accepting the epidemic terrorism from supposed public health experts and certain politicians like our Governor, we will never get out of this climate of fear and anxiety and we will never stop doing immense damage to our children, our public finances, and our general public health. So now is the time to recognize we can’t “defeat” the virus, we must accept its presence and adapt as best we can. Apples to apples treatment, this is no different than flu in its total effect, and a lot less dangerous to children.  Countries and states that have taken this approach have no worse outcomes than those engaging in every possible restriction on people’s lives and every possible mandate. Ending it is purely a matter of attitude. This has been my theme since the start and sooner or later it will be accepted.”

Long-time readers could recall the first set of posts I ran about the epidemic, 18 months ago.  I said then that we were headed for trouble because of the failure to accept our limitations in controlling a respiratory virus and that the actions we were taking in response would do more harm than the virus.  Look where we are now.

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  • Tom M says:

    If the modern administrative state with all of its experts and ALL of the money it costs is powerless over Covid, maybe it is powerless over many other things: global warming, poverty, etc. The politicians are very nervous about the tax payers drawing this conclusion.

  • Bill says:

    Maybe this policy change would also help to accelerate a more proactive approach to outpatient and early therapeutic treatments beyond the ‘one trick pony’ of ‘just’ the vaccine. The policy of doing nothing until a hospitalization outcome is necessary makes no sense. Better to consider, as Dr. McCullough and others have recommended, a broad spectrum of nutraceutical, non vaccine steroidal and anti-virals, etc., well before hospitalization (rather than a ‘wait and see’ strategy) would augment the overall policy you recommend re. The epidemic.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Stop using the unfit for purpose PCR scheme and we won’t have a case problem. The more you test, the more phony case data you have to scare people with and keep their proverbial knee on our necks.

  • James Zuck says:

    Before January 2020 I knew very little about viruses and how the human body’s immunity system works. Thanks to this site and other sites I was able to expand my knowledge greatly. Before the vaccines were introduced, I had already had Covid-19 and recovered and decided to wait and see about becoming vaccinated. I was unsure of the new technology involved with the vaccines but at the time I never questioned their long term effectiveness. I believe there is enough world-wide data to show the virus continues to spread unchecked no matter the vaccination level. Instead of the government leadership defending the vaccine or blaming the non-vaccinated for the current state they should better understand how is the virus continuing to find individuals to infect. The number of people who have recovered from the infection is much greater that the actual number of people who tested positives but yet this group does not seem to help in the tapering of the infection rate. I never understood the logic of vaccinating the Covid-19 recovered, made no sense to me. If the general population is any way similar to the circle of people I know, most Covid-19 recovered followed up with the vaccination believing they increased their protection. I know this site posted many studies indicating Covid-19 recovered who were vaccinated showed increase protection against Covid-19 infection but I think something is missing in those studies. It may well be, by vaccinating the Covid-19 recovered their natural immunity becomes compromised and they have taken on the characteristics of a vaccinated individual. I spent hours listening to Geert Vanden Bossche and I believe he touches on it in theory but my medical terminology is limited and it makes it a little difficult to follow his conversation at times.

  • Peggy A Lewis says:

    “I know this site posted many studies indicating Covid-19 recovered who were vaccinated showed increase protection against Covid-19 infection but I think something is missing in those studies.”

    Time. The ingredient is time. I think the general population is very confused about scientific trials, random or otherwise and too, data compilation and comparative studies. These things take TIME. Anyone believing that ANYTHING even remotely appearing like settled science regarding Sars Cov-2 is a moron. Which is why all the ruminating, blaming and finger pointing at the “unvaccinated” is hogwash. The emerging data is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s almost dangerous for mandates, coercion, incentivizations, etc.

    “It may well be, by vaccinating the Covid-19 recovered their natural immunity becomes compromised and they have taken on the characteristics of a vaccinated individual.”

    Again: Trials, studies…where? I’ve read a lot for 18 months on CV2 and I’ve never heard of a paper that specifically examined the level the immunity after infection vs after infection then following with vaccine.

    If anyone has one, please post.

  • Chris W says:

    I’ve been with you from the beginning, Kevin. Spot on! And continued thanks for your work here and for being a sanity check for my like-minded thoughts. 🙂

  • Patrick says:

    I made a similar comment a couple days ago, but the authoritarians got Trump out of office. To them the ends justify the means. They cannot stop the rhetoric because it would expose them, they have have this delusion of control over a microscopic organism and they are drunk with power.

  • Brandt Johnson says:

    We could save hundreds of thousands of lives per year by mandating proper weight, diet and exercise. Seriously far more than anything else we have done so far. Add in some mandatory vitamin d,c and zinc I bet we could save half a million people per year. Our freedom is far more important than that.

  • James Zuck says:

    I know I mentioned Geert Vanden Bossche of Belgium before on this site. Below is a link on an interview he gave and I believe some on this site might be interested in watching. He gives his theory why Covid-19 cases are rising and his fear where we are heading. I am not sure he is totally correct in future direction and hope he is not correct but he seems to be more correct than Paul Offit. It was interesting during the interview they showed a clip of Paul Offit in July of this year explaining why Geert is not correct and Paul Offit made the statement the vaccines are so durable and they will last for years. The vaccine effectiveness will outlast the ability of the vaccine to mutate. That statement did not age well.
    Geert Vanden Bossche Warns of Covid-19 Vaccination Catastrophe | Voice for Science and Solidarity

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I am just again going to say that there is not really any support for many of the claims he makes. I read his stuff before and most of it makes no sense.

  • Nancy says:

    Appreciate your continued efforts, and your work to get #s out of the MDH. I talk about UK numbers but everyone in MN wants to talk about MN numbers, and Jan Malcolm sounds like such a nice person on the radio that no one believes there could be anything they’re not being forthright about. The numbers tell the story. I applaud you for working on that lawsuit–much needed. Please do continue to update us on that.

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