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Another Inane Briefing from Minnesota DOH

By November 17, 2021Commentary

These people are shameless.  Because younger children are now eligible for vaccination, the focus was on schools and scaring people about the risk to children, which is in essence zero, to force vaccinations, which will make no difference.   Big lie–there is a huge surge in cases among children.  No there isn’t a disproportionate increase there. Bigger lie, have lots of children in hospitals with CV-19.  No we don’t.  This is beyond disgraceful fear-mongering.

A lot of concern about hospital capacity.  Not one word about the role of vaccine mandates in reducing capacity.  Not one word about the role of events in fully vaccinated persons.  And I hate to say it, but there is no evidence yet that boosters will prove any more effective than the original shots.  Let us all hope they are, but there just hasn’t been time yet to assess that effectiveness.

Asked a question about schools’ role in transmission we got all kinds of waffling.  The state has pathetic so-called contact tracing that wasn’t even referred to in the answer, because they don’t know.  So just say that instead of implying that in fact children are driving transmission.  And here is the big lie, when asked about suppression measures in schools, including masking, and the impact on cases, they just referred to a completely debunked CDC study and gave no Minnesota specific data, although they clearly have it.  So the inference is clear, the data in Minnesota shows that mandatory masking and other measures make no difference in cases in schools.  Let me just point out that Florida has no mask requirements, low school mask wearing, and no issues in schools.

And I will again caution parents about vaccinating younger children.  There is not in fact strong data on either effectiveness or safety, the trials were far too small to adequately address either of those questions.  Effectiveness in particular will be very difficult to show because the risk of serious disease after infection in this age group is miniscule.

Asked again about whether another emergency declaration was forthcoming, more weaseling.  Don’t worry, the Governor is scared shitless about how his poll numbers look right now and he isn’t going to risk further free fall by acknowledging how worthless his efforts to date to suppress the virus have been.

And I want to go back to something that was said at the prior briefing by Kris Errorsperson.  She referred to events in the fully vaxed as “collateral damage”.  I don’t know what that means, but it is an odd way to refer to those events.  It implies that the unvaccinated are responsible for infecting the fully vaccinated, but they have no data to support that.  In fact, there are studies showing transmission from the fully vaxed to the fully vaxed and fully vaxed to the unvaxed.  So the implication is that the unvaxed are transgressors and the fully vaxed are victims.  That isn’t accurate.

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  • J. Thomas says:

    I caught some dizz-ball doctor on the Sirius ‘Doctor’ channel (NYU, I think) say that kids should get vaccinated because C19 is in the top 10 deaths category. I don’t know the numbers well enough to argue, but I am aware that there have been under 100 deaths of children, all or most ‘with’ vs. ‘from’. All but a few of these poor children were afflicted with very serious issues to begin with. Leveraging this type of twisted language validates how sick minded these psychopaths are. Maybe it is #10, but #9 must be “struck by lightening”.

  • Bill in Seminole says:

    “Let me just point out that Florida has no mask requirements, low school mask wearing, and no issues in schools”.

    It is interesting how, here in Florida, this issue has proceeded. The Governor, through the Florida Department of Health, has issued a ban on school mask mandates. A parent can require their kids to wear masks but the school district cannot issue a blanket mandate. The Governor’s ban on mask mandates was upheld in court on Nov. 5th, 2021. Whether school districts will try to appeal is uncertain.

  • Alexa Kuwata says:

    I transferred my daughter, age 10 , to a new school this year specifically because I wanted her in a school where she wouldn’t have to wear one. And I told the principal from the old school that was why I was transferring her.

  • Patricia says:

    Kris Errorsperson? Perfect name 🙄

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