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Sweden, Oh Sweden

By November 14, 2021Commentary

Some parts of Europe, despite very high vaccination rates are having a case bump, and higher hospital use.  Not so much in Sweden.  Look at this chart of ICU use, from Twitter.  Look who is at the bottom.  Having a long-run focus on the best policy over time pays off.

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  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Any interest in updating the chart to include Norway? (I just remember Paul Mirgenoff at Powerline used to always post hot takes about how Sweden is so much worse than Norway.)

  • Ganderson says:

    Hope I’m wrong here, but I think we’re gearing up for another round of panic. The Ottawa Senators have just postponed three of their games, and here in hysteria central at least two school districts have gone ( or are discussion going remote again- one, Holyoke, had a kid die, supposedly of covid, but the news reports were extremely sketchy and made no mention of the kid’s overall health. Holyoke is a dysfunctional urban district. The other school is a small rural high school, which has experienced a rise in “cases”, so they’re calling for a massive increase in testing, which as we all know will lead to more cases…And while a number of towns have eliminated their indoor mask mandates, here in Amherst, indeed most of Hampshire County the mask requirements are still in place. Instead of going to my local 5-minutes-from-my-house gym, I drive a half hour to a town without a mandate.

  • Donald Allen says:

    It is the Viking blood.

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