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Reaction to My Star Tribune Op-Ed

By November 11, 2021Commentary

I must have really struck a nerve with this one.  I don’t read the comments, a complete waste of time, but a number of you have passed on the gist of them.  I am obviously heartless, which people must conclude because I care about we are doing to children and to minorities and low-income people.  I am a die-hard anti-vaxer, which you all know isn’t true, I am fully vaxed and boosted, and I have taken a lot of crap from readers in regard to my support of vaccines.  I am somehow getting rich off the epidemic.  This blog costs me a lot of money to operate and you can all tell I haven’t monetized it in any way.   I do own Pfizer stock, but that would make me a vaccine bobo and I would really be downplaying any lack of effectiveness if I was trying to help Pfizer.  I am making up the data.  Not only does Dave Dixon do a tremendous job with the data, but we double check each other and Dave writes tremendous notes explaining exactly how he gets the data and what he does with it.  We don’t use any data that isn’t directly from the state, CDC or other official source.  We understand the data better than DOH does.  And apparently the comments continue in similar vein.  Which is why I never read the op-ed comments.

What really strikes me is how wedded many people are to having the epidemic and its restrictions last forever.  What kind of mental illness is this?  But I have made the point many times before that I have no intention of trying to change these people’s minds.  This is belief and religion on their part, not data or science or logical analysis.  I don’t even want to engage with these people.  And they are a serious impediment to trying to get our society back to some kind of rational policy on the epidemic.  Because they apparently have lots of time to spend writing idiotic and inane comments.

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  • Don says:

    I see it this way. I see people think of it this way, “If I mask and wash my hands, I’m a hero helping!” If it’s all crap, I wasted my time and I can’t accept it.

  • Bryon says:

    “But I have made the point many times before that I have no intention of trying to change these people’s minds… I don’t even want to engage with these people.”

    And you are absolutely right in this regard. There are an unfortunate number of people out there with whom it is impossible to have a rational discussion. They are 100% emotion and 0% thought. I’ve engaged with enough of them in various settings and nothing you could say or show would ever penetrate. There is nothing to penetrate as their minds are completely shut off.

    “You can’t reason someone out of a position that they did not reason themselves into”

    I don’t recall where I first heard that, but I repeat it often.

    Reach those you can and don’t let the crazy left wing mob suck away your time or energy.

  • Turd Ferguson says:

    My New York Times Daily Briefing email this morning led with: Good Morning. Is it time to start moving back to normalcy?

    It goes on to quote Dr. Robert Wachter who has been amongst the more cautious doctors I have seen quoted often.

    The fire is usually the worst when you are right above the target.

  • S. says:

    Mr. Roche,
    You’re site is unique in that it provides a great amount of data and OBJECTIVE analysis. I disagree with some of your conclusions but appreciate your honesty.

    The MSM, Washington, and most state governments have consistently lied to continue to keep us in coronomania forever. The disgusting lies have brain washed 2/3 of the USS.

    Thank you for your great service!

  • Barb says:

    These responses are exactly what we would all expect. If reason was in control, would we still be in the position we are in? Of course not. Reason left us when 14 days turned into infinity. Keep up the truth telling!

  • James L. Edholm says:

    Go get ’em, big guy!!


    You base your conclusions on the analysis of a man named Dave Dixon. So that I may cite your conclusions please provide more information on Dave: what’s his background? Area of expertise? Credentials for doing this type of analysis. He doesn’t have to be a health statistician but he should have some decent analytical experience. I want to believe his data is good but just citing a guys name isn’t going to convince anyone. In some respects he’s more important than you on this topic. But you already know that. Help me share your message, tell us about Mr. Dixon.

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