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DOH Is Not Having A Good Month or Epidemic

By November 11, 2021Commentary

A leaked email again reveals that the Walz administration is primarily concerned with manipulating data for messaging purposes and the DOH plays right along.  The email can be found here (Twitter)   and a Powerline Blog post from John Hinderaker on the topic is here.  (PL Post)   You may recall that in the Youth Sports lawsuit similar emails were revealed that showed the Governor seeking data to justify his restrictions on children’s sports activities.  This is why my Data Practices Act requests ask not only for data but for all documents that in any way relate to messaging or communications strategies.  This email exchange couldn’t be clearer in demonstrating that all the Governor cares about is justfiying the action he already has decided to do.  He has no interest in what the data or science might actually show.  In the context of actions that affect millions of people’s lives, beyond despicable.

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