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Yeah, It Really Is an Epidemic of the Unvaxed

By November 8, 2021Commentary

We will call this horror movie for the Minnesota DOH and the IB, The Night of Vaxed Dead.  Dave Dixon’s superb chart will be available shortly, but in the meantime just a quick flash on today’s breakthrough event reporting by DOH.  Here is the headline:  111 out of 140 reported deaths in the last week were in the vaxed.  That is right, you are reading correctly.  And over 7000 new breakthrough cases were reported today since last week’s report.

I hate to be right about this, but this is heading toward an epidemic, if you can call it that, of the vaxed.  The current vaccines are not doing a good job at preventing infection after a few months and they are not doing a good job at preventing serious illness, including death, in the elderly.    Still waiting for an apology for your lies, Mr. Governor, Little Timmy Walz.

Update:  Let me also point out that the overall death rate based on detected cases in Minnesota is .11%.  The undercounted death rate on breakthrough cases is .074%.  Yes, you need to age adjust and so on, and mathematically, the non-breakthrough rate must be higher than .11%, but the rates aren’t that far apart, and the breakthrough rate is increasing a whole lot faster than the overall one.

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  • joe - dallas says:

    MN covid deaths are approx 158 per 100k while Florida is approx 281 per 100k

    MN covid deaths for the age group 65+ is approximately 1200 per 100k ,
    FL covid deaths for age group 65+ is approx 1050
    CO is approx 1100 pe 100k
    Massachucetts is approx 940 per 100k
    Michigan is approx 980 per 100k.

    Granted those are approximations since I have difficulty obtaining / extracting good data.

    primary point is that super strict mitigation protocols (MN, CO etc ) vs very lax mitigation (florida ) has virtually no effect on mother nature.

    Maine, NH and Vermont seem to be outliners /anomolies with covid.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Perchance it may be time to admit that Alex Berenson, noted “vaccine terrorist” as recognized on this blog, was right all along.

    I’ve been following him for months and generally speaking his take on vaccines has stood up very well. His crime, it seems to me, was getting there early.

  • Miguel says:

    This should come as no surprise to those watching the case statistics in the UK. Per 100,000 case rate is higher among the vaccinated.

  • Turd Ferguson says:

    Could it be, and I’m just speculating here that older people are still going to die. And if that’s true, and it’s also true that it’s the highest % vaccinated group that there should really be no surprise with the results?

    The bigger question re: vaccine efficacy should be is it working to keep people 30-64 from having to make a trip to the hospital, and according to data it does appear to be somewhat effective in that space comparing alpha to delta.

  • Pianoman says:

    It’s probably still worth it to be vaccinated, especially if you’re over 40. But I think there’s a good reason why Big Pharma is starting to focus on “miracle pills” rather than “booster shots” … it’s because they know that breakthroughs are getting worse, and they need to get out in front of the “next big thing”: Treatment Vs. Prevention

    The goal has always been to keep hospitals from getting overwhelmed. We’ve reached that. Now, the goal should be to treat COVID as soon as someone presents symptoms.

    Pfizer / Merck want to sell Ivermectin 2.0 for $700 a course. The uninsured can’t afford that, so Ivermectin will probably be their best option. If we can couple that with the ability to diagnose COVID in the home rather than in a clinic, then we’ll be on our way to getting past the epidemic.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    We could get past the epidemic *today* if we would simply be truthful about the real risks and trade-offs. That and govern using the wisdom of experience, not hot takes on Twitter.

    Conversely we will never get past it with current governments. They are too invested in the Forever Pandemic. The only way is to disobey their rules for perpetually fearful existence and live normally, tolerating the small risks life has always thrown your way and the certain knowledge that one day your time, too, will be up.

    The belief that this or that medical technology will bring the end if this long international nightmare is, I fear, naive. It has never been primarily a medical issue but an issue of politics and culture.

  • kirby pucket says:

    Is there some sarcasm here that I am just failing to detect? In the headline you say its a “pandemic of the unvaxed”, whereas the data you present shows its primarily vaccinated who are dying. In addition you write “I hate to be right about this, but this is heading toward an epidemic, if you can call it that, of the vaxed”. How on Earth could you possibly make a statement like this, given your overwhelming support and vote of approval for these vaccines over the last 6+ months?

    Could you please elaborate on if you’re trying to be cute/sarcastic, or if you’re just pretending to support a position that looks to be about 180 degrees from what you’ve been espousing for months and months?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I am not in any way anti-vax, but I am extremely pro-truth when it comes to government release of data and we are being fed data with the sole purpose of supporting a message that if everyone gets vaxed the epidemic will end. the truth right now is very different. Large and growing percents of events are in the fully vaxxed. People are entitled to know that. Using the time period which the state said I should use for comparison, not only are 47% of deaths in the fully faxed, but 38% of cases and 33% of hospitalizations are. It is a lie to call this an epidemic of the unvaxed. And the trend is undoubtedly worse. So let’s be honest about what is happening.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    What percent of the population is fully faxed? I haven’t faxed anything in years.

    Are you in favour of fax machine mandates?

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