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The Process for Identifying Breakthrough Events

By October 26, 2021Commentary

Here in visual form, thanks to Dave Dixon, is what we know about DOH’s process to identify breakthru events.  Please note in addition to what is explained on the chart, that DOH also does not know who was vaxed at federal centers, like the VA, or by Indian tribes.  So their database of vaxed persons is seriously inadequate.  Now they could ask hospitals and labs to be sure to identify if the person was vaccinated, but they don’t, they want the undercount, and it is a meaningful undercount.

Note also that the simplest thing for DOH to do to accurately report events is to add columns for the vaxed in each of the tables found in the daily situation report for cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Doing so would be an undercount but at least allow matching of time periods so that the public could accurately see just how many events in a particular period are in the vaxed.  It is a lot.  They will do anything to hide this as long as possible.  And I am sure they drag their feet on the breakthru identification process.

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  • Chuck says:

    Given the large and growing number of break-thru cases, when will a vaccinated person be deemed unvaccinated? Will it be vaccine brand dependent? Will boosters become required? Are these reasons why DOH wants to hide break-thru cases? Pfizer appears to wear off in 4-5 months. So, at six months, am I deemed unvaccinated?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      very good guestions. I won’t be surprised if we start hearing that you aren’t fully vaccinated without a booster.

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