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Breakthru Event Table, October 25

By October 26, 2021Commentary

Okay, so we all know the data being put out by DOH is worthless, and they are digging their heels in with obfuscation now that the topic has gotten some attention.  So all we can do, and Dave Dixon will keep doing it, is update what we get on a reported basis, and compare reported trends.  We know that lags are different and we know that DOH could fix this in a heartbeat if they wanted to, which just tells you how bad that truth must be.  And the truth is that on a current basis a lot of everything must be in the vaxed.

Notwithstanding DOH’s best efforts, however, note that the trend is that breakthru cases and hospitalizations are rising faster (or declining slower) than non-breakthrough ones.  And note that reported breakthrough deaths are now rising four times faster than non-breakthru ones.  I will accept the IB’s apology for flat-out lying to the public about deaths in October not including any vaxed people any time he wants to provide it.

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  • Kevin says:

    Extremely powerful slide! Oh how I wish we had an open and transparent administration. But we don’t. Thanks Kevin!

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Love the term “breakthrough”. I thought that was when you get the MMR vaccine as a child and then 1 in 100,000 gets measles when they’re seventy-three.

    Kind if seems a bit more of a commonplace with these fancy experimental injections.

  • Rob says:

    Kevin, the administration IS transparent. You can see right through them!

  • Godoggo says:

    Thanks for keeping their feet next to the fire with your work. “If scientists expect their statements to be trusted, they must themselves be trustworthy in making them. One had better be scrupulously honest before asking people to surrender their own judgment and simply believe what they are told. Scientists should be especially careful not to misrepresent political or policy judgments as being scientific [ie, cost/benefit issues of said policy]. And they must protest vigorously and loudly when other influential people claim to speak in the name of science while misrepresenting it.” ~ Gary Saul Morson, WSJ: Partisan Science In America, 11 Oct 21. I am surprised by the lack of “vigorous and loud protest” by a majority of “scientists” with the degree of misrepresentation which you have disclosed in multiple articles. Has science become so purchased and fear so pervasive within the community that they will prevaricate to maintain status and employment? I beginning to believe that is so…

  • Mark FW says:

    I sent a message to MDH with questions regarding the dates the data covered and why the percentages posted Monday didn’t match the numbers. The reply I received answered neither question, despite its length. I replied asking again about the percentages and was told that the ones they had posted were incorrect and would be corrected (they now have been).
    Jeremy Olson at the Star Tribune continued being MDH’s unquestioning stenographer, copying their data despite the obvious error (somehow 331 deaths out of “nearly 3.2 million” is .008%) — admittedly you don’t go into journalism because you have math skills. Despite several emails to the Strib (yesterday and today)– including a promise to forward the correction to the online editors — the incorrect numbers remain.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Dave Dixon is having a similar experience with DOH, they basically give non-answers to very reasonable questions. They did admit to errors in how they are calculating rates, and said they fixed that this week, but it gives you no confidence in their abilities.

  • Ricard says:

    Kevin, can you add links to the original state data source for these charts? The skeptics of your skepticism require them.

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