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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 40

By October 19, 2021Commentary

After the kerfuffle yesterday around breakthru reporting with the state’s “typo” on the data released, we should have accurate information today and the state promised that this week it would release more detailed data on breakthroughs, which hopefully will include date of event and age structure.

Physicians in England are not totally intimidated into supporting the teachers’ unions messaging on masking and testing children in an abusive manner.  The head of the pediatrics society in the UK comes out strongly against continued excessive testing of children, which only leads to a lot of false and low positives, children being needlessly quarantined and missing school, and spreading anxiety and fear.  (UK Story)

A strain of seasonal coronavirus called OC43 is probably the closest in sequence to CV-19.  A number of studies have looked at whether seasonal coronavirus infections prompt an adaptive immune response that helps fight against CV-19 infection or disease.  This new research suggests that there is some benefit in this regard in persons who have OC43 antibodies.  They appeared to develop a response to CV-19 faster and to suffer less serious illness.  (Science Article)

And on a somewhat related topic, it appears that various viruses may have interactions among themselves that inhibit or don’t inhibit growth.  Prior research, for example, has shown that rhinovirus appears to actually outcompete CV-19.  And the absence of influenza suggests that perhaps CV-19 outcompetes that virus.  Certainly there is no basis to suggest that steps like lockdowns or masking are eliminating one viral infection but somehow not another similar one.  This study examines the relative presence of various viruses from 2015 to 2020, so before and during the epidemic.  It finds that influenza type viruses and some seasonal coronaviruses largely disappeared during the epidemic but adenovirus and rhinovirus hung in there.  While they indicate that RSV prevalence also was much lower, that is no longer true, as we and other countries have experienced a substantial RSV wave out of season, in our summer.    (Medrxiv Study)

In the more good news category, more people smoked and/or existing smokers used more cigarettes during the epidemic.  That will certainly improve public health.  (Annals Article)

In this study health care workers in Italy were prospectively tested for infection following vaccination.  Among around 2000 workers, 33 breakthrough cases were identified, but none were symptomatic.  The positive test results were verified.  In the same period 8 workers tested positive after experiencing symptoms.  The research indicates that there are likely a lot of breakthrough asymptomatic infections.  Not clear if these people really have any significant infection or just have virus present in their nasal and throat passages.  Their “infections” cleared very quickly.  We really need to redefine how we test.  (Annals Article)


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  • J. Thomas says:

    I threw out a question in an earlier post about the future of testing after Jan 1st and the CDC’s changes to the PCR scheme. Any thoughts on this? Will, should, a blood test for antibodies be the only preferred method? If so, no school system is going to routinely drag kids in to the phlebotomist … I hope !

  • J. Thomas says:

    There is no rational by those who would take an experimental vaccine to combat a new [virus] as to why you wouldn’t also support and experiment with known safe drugs to help yourself or others. At least these antihistamines, along with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, have decades of evidence of safe usage.

    We are on our own people, there’s no one in any pharmaceutical company, government, or medical system right now who gives a rat’s ass about your health. It’s not a Red or Blue problem … it’s political and GREEN !

    Ask yourself why in November of 2019 France converted Hydroxychloroquine from an OTC drug to a prescription medication? Late 2019 !!! Why would they do that? Why would the US remove them as options by licensed physicians?

    Governments around the world knew the US was going to be taken over in November of 2019 by the globalists and they were all very happy to support the takedown. There is not ONE policy in Washington DC right now that doesn’t further our destruction; jobs, energy, boarders, health, manufacturing, small business, wealth creation, sovereignty or freedom. Name ONE, just one policy that’s supportive of any of these pillars of our country.

    Everyone who sticks a needle in your arm is part of the takeover. Instead, take to the streets, demand therapeutic trials, EUA’s, options for doctors !

  • Godoggo says: When will we realize we’re the ” dog” chasing his tail? We can’t produce “immunity” with narrowly focused “spike protein” flu shots and boosters. Yet the gaslighting continues despite the growing evidence of such.

  • Rob says:

    I read two or three years ago that there is some speculation/research going on that MS could be caused by a combination of two viruses.

  • Scott says:

    The mystery of the lack of influenza cases in 2020 is finally solved. Thanks for explaining it in simple terms (“outcompete”).

    It’s also interesting that other viruses “outcompete” COVID … you would think that COVID would outcompete *all* other viruses, but I guess that’s not the case.

    I work with a guy who insisted that the lack of flu cases was due to people wearing masks, and the rise of COVID was due to people … not wearing masks. Seriously. He said both of those things in a 3-minute span.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Interesting pathology of what’s going on with the [virus] and the vaccine.

  • Jennifer Gobel, MD says:

    At last we have a research paper that shows the incidence of other viruses before and during the pandemic. The lack of influenza cases in the 2020-21 season was NOT due to any social distancing measures or masking (although it certainly helps for people to stay home from work or school when they are sick). The “viral competition” theory has been around for decades, as I learned about it in medical school in the ‘80’s. If there is a big epidemic of a particular virus it tends to push other viruses out of the way. The statistics in this particular paper bear this up. As Kevin noted, following 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic, which by the way started in the summer of 2009 and had a second bump in October 2009, we had NO flu infections in late 2009 through the entire winter of 2010. I know this because I am a practicing pediatrician!! So no influenza in the winter of 2021, and a bizarre RSV epidemic this summer. RSV is always a late fall/winter virus. In 35 years of practice, I have never seen RSV in the summer. The babies and toddlers have been in daycare and preschools during the entire time of the epidemic. So all the nonsense about preventing kids from going to school and needless masking can be plainly seen in its futility. Thanks, Kevin for finding this paper. I’m feeling vindicated!

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