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Monday Breakthrough Events Flash

By October 18, 2021Commentary

Minnesota reports breakthrough events on Monday.  They don’t give date of events.  The just report the cumulative number, which you have to subtract the prior week’s reported numbers from to get the week’s new reported event numbers.  The state is just trying to hinder analysis.  This week’s report is bizarre.  The updated chart that Dave Dixon puts together will be up soon in another post, but it takes a while to get those embedded, so want to give the news quickly on these events.

Breakthrough cases grew 17% from the week earlier, while non-breakthrough cases actually declined about 2%.  So all the growth in cases this week on a reported basis was in breakthrus.  The really astounding numbers were in hospitalizations, where 784 new breakthrough ones were reported, compared to only 244 the week before, so truly enormous growth.  And only 790 new non-breakthru hospitalizations were reported, so on a reported basis, 50% of new hospitalizations were among breakthrus.  Now the breakthroughs get spread over longer periods of time than do the non-breakthroughs, but it is still huge growth.  The state does itself no favors by not revealing both the dates of breakthroughs and the age structure of them.  It undermines the credibility of its information and it makes people more suspicious of messaging.

And then we get to deaths, where zero new breakthru deaths were reported.  That simply can’t be right.  I suspect someone is frantically trying to crosswalk events and vaccinations.  The state has problems getting a complete and accurate list of who is vaccinated.  Then they have to check cases, hospitalizations and deaths against those lists.  And that person or persons doing this work just didn’t get around to deaths this week.  Because there definitely are a lot of deaths in older vaxed persons.

Stay tuned next Monday for another scintillating episode of as the breakthrough event reporting turns.

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  • Debbie M says:

    Well, you said it was coming, Kevin. I am not shocked. I do feel sorry for all those vaxxed people who were assured they’d be protected from hospitalization and disease. It must be so scary for them. Glad I had it and can move forward. The future just keeps getting more and more interesting with this virus…

  • Peggy A Lewis says:


    Its time that you made a statement to someone on KSTP’s team. Jan Malcolm is protecting her department and it is now clear that she’s not only unqualified, but she’s also a liar.

  • Chuck says:

    I’m 57 and had Pfizer 5 months ago and got breakthrough Covid last week. Got monoclonal antibody treatment. Only had 2 tough days. 90% of fatalities are over age 65. Assume most or all had been vaccinated 4-5 months before me? The MDH numbers don’t make sense?

  • Jay says:

    Hi Kevin, could you please tell me if this is accurate (if able)…..I saw it posted on another site a few days ago…thanks for the work you do here, its the only trusted site we have left.
    MN hospital bed capacity Apr 3, 2020 = 8,819
    MN hospital bed capacity Oct 14, 2021 = 7,331

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I know hospital beds declined, I don’t know by how much. Dave Dixon tracks more carefully, so let me see what he knows.

  • C L says:

    I was vacinated back in March with Pfizer. I recently was out in the western US and picked up covid. My wife and I spent 20 hours of driving over 2 days when I was first infected. I was coughing and sneezing in the vehicle the whole time. She has not had any symptoms and tested negative. However she had Moderna. Almost every case I hear of now is a breakthrough case.

  • J. Thomas says:

    If there’s no other agenda to the vaccine program other than the best interest of the nation’s health, why the continued lies and deceit? The average junior high kid knows that if you really cared about solving a problem and wanted to understand what’s truly going on, you’d need transparent and accurate data.

    You would let the data lead you, not some political agenda. No government agency would be involved in dictating what information comes out of any hospital, period! The CDC would accurately collect it, analyze it and make intelligent decisions, blended with know virology history, to drive policy and decisions. You would perform autopsy after autopsy to ferret out every last detail about the mechanisms of death from the [virus], with and without vaccinated subjects. You would test every possible/plausible medication, especially the ones that have evidence of success. Instead we get cover up after cover up, lie after lie and spin after spin to protect a global scam.

    I’m sorry, but anyone who’d become a test subject for the medical / pharma machine under these circumstances is making their decision out of fear, NOT logic, NOT science or any other rational perspective of any kind. To convince yourself that you are saving someone else by subjecting yourself to this is also a twisted mentality, nudged on daily by the MSM machine.

    Thank you though, hopefully mRNA technology will advance because of your bravery. Corona viruses are not, and have never been, a successful candidate for a vaccine. Therefore, this is NOT about your, or anyone else’s, health. Please keep asking yourself why you are participating in this. At every point in our lives we must answer only to the person in the mirror. NOT a government.

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