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Overview Chart, October 7

By October 11, 2021Commentary

The big picture, courtesy Dave Dixon.  Cases rising, probably testing driven, but maybe we are going to have a seasonal wave after all.  If so, it will be due to a lot of cases in the vaxed.

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  • Jay says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks for everything you do here. I find your page to be the most informative and trusted site, its evident you put in the time and effort. I was wondering if you could compare the overall MN state stats in early to mid March 2019 when this all started to last Nov 2020 when #s for everything interestingly skyrocketed. How bad was early-mid 2019 to Nov 2020? Thanks!

    • Kevin Roche says:

      there was so little testing early on that it is hard to compare from a case perspective. From a hospitalization and death perspective, the fall wave of 2020 was far worse, assuming that hospitalization and death attribution perspective. I think CV-19 was introduced kind of late in its meteorologically favorable period in spring 2019, but was in full bloom by fall/early winter. Next few weeks will be very interesting.

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