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Year-Over-Year Charts, October 1

By October 4, 2021Commentary

Another of our staples, courtesy of Dave Dixon.  The thing that stands on on this set is again, the dramatic rise in useless testing, accompanied by more non-cases.  You can see the trough when schools were out and we had little of this testing.  And the hospitalization rise isn’t due to CV-19, it is hospitalizations for another reason with an incidental (and probably wrong) positive test.  We have a lot of people in the hospital but they didn’t go in for CV-19 treatment.   The heavy death toll in September is, I believe, among the vaxed old.

The shape of the current curves versus last year is driven by the effects of vaccination, it is blunting the rise in most events and I believe will result in more rounded wave of events.  DOH, however, just flat out lies and refuses to provide data that would help the public actually understand current dynamics, including the truth about hospitalizations, events among the vaxed and the number of false and low positives from forced school testing.

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  • Rob says:

    As long as the feds are going to pay hospitals extra for COVID patients the hospitals will happily take all the false positives they can get. Snouts in the trough.

  • J. Thomas says:

    This entire process defines corny capitalism and corruption, not science or medicine. People aren’t balking at vaccines, they are hung up on the process by which they came to be, how they were crookedly justified, and how they are being forced without basis. The vaccine show is the precursor to how we will be expected to live our lives under the globalist’s authoritarian structure. ‘Choice’ is what built this great country in such a relatively short time frame and choice is what will keep it moving forward toward a more perfect union. Centrally planned governments are failures in all cases. Regardless of how you feel about any of the players on the field, you have to root (vote) for the team that’s competing for ‘choice’. Silence is a vote for tyranny !

  • J. Thomas says:

    How do you conclude that the reduction in deaths this year was from vaccines and not a reduction in ‘dried kindling’ available in 2020? Bastardized statistics are creating a warped sense of reality for us. What does insurance company data say about death claims payouts for the last 5 years? I realize this is a very smart virus, since it know if you are standing up or sitting down in a restaurant, but does it also know if you have a life insurance policy? The word on the street that I live on says there’s no statistical difference in death claims, we are just keeping score for this Covid game much differently to drive dystopian policy into the public.

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