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Age Group Charts, October 1

By October 4, 2021Commentary

Another update provided by Dave Dixon on the age group events.  Look at that ridiculous rise in tests among school-aged children, a result of testing policies that are a disaster–leading to closed schools, quarantined children, loss of learning and social life, all for no reason.  I will post on a CDC study that has an unemphasized fact–showing just how inaccurate rapid antigen tests are, and that is mostly what is being used with our school kids.  And of course, if you test it, it will come, so cases in those age groups are also rising rapidly.  Of course, they aren’t really cases, they are false and low positives.  Hospitalizations not moving much in the last few weeks, except in the 70-79 group, which is heavily vaxed.  But the main story is how testing in the young in leading to false cases.  But the good news, (sarc), which you won’t here from DOH, is this makes that pesky hospitalization rate among the young drop way down.

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