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Age Group Data, September 24

By September 25, 2021Commentary

Here is an update on this set of charts from Dave Dixon.  We look at this data carefully because it can show trends across ages, which is important given variation in vax levels, and because it reveals relationships among events.  For example, gee look, testing is way up in children as they go back to school, so cases are up.  But wow, no change in hospitalizations.  The case rate of hosps will go down, but do you think DOH will note this?  No, they will act like they never did that date cherrypicking analysis and claimed the hospitalization rate had doubled in children.  It is embarrassing at a minimum, disgraceful in reality.

And look where hospitalizations are rising.  It is in the very oldest groups, the most vaxed.  As you would anticipate, the vaccine effects appear to be wearing off fastest among these older groups and they are getting sick and dying again in the proportions they were before vaccinations began.

So let me be clear, there is no actual increase in hospitalizations among school-age children.  There is among the elderly.  So DOH can stop lying any day now, if they know how to tell the truth instead.

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