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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 27

By September 24, 2021Commentary

I would note again that deaths in Minnesota in September are piling up and appear to be much higher than last year at this time.  I also would pass on that there is more evidence to suggest that the state is undercounting breakthrough events.  According to DOH, if a person was vaxed in N. Dakota, Wisconsin or Iowa and they gave their Minnesota address, then DOH may know their vax status.  They do not have any access to data about Minnesotans who got vaxed in other states than those three.  I know a lot of people who got vaxed in Florida and Arizona, because they are there all winter.  Probably are more in other Southern and Southwestern states.  These people are here all summer and into the fall.  So if they get infected, their vax status is missed.  It is unfortunately becoming clearer and clearer to me that DOH is likely intentionally hiding breakthrough information and failing to be forthcoming with accurate data and is dragging its feet in identifying people who test positive but were vaccinated.  They can access the data if they want to–they simply don’t.  There is only one possible reason for this–they are afraid to show the public that right now we have an epidemic of the vaccinated, especially in regard to cases.

And yes, I will very reluctantly, because I tire of reviewing horrificly bad studies from the CDC, rip to shreads the latest piece of garbage on masking in schools published by this abomination of an agency which serves now as an arm of the teachers’ union and the White House.  No credibility at all.  That post will appear tomorrow.

Every decent human being should be horrified at what is happening in Australia where police are brutalizing protesters against the extreme and futile lockdown measures in that country.  Go look at some of the videos.  Now imagine the outcry if those were African-Americans here.  Unbelievable in a supposedly civilized country.

Here in Minnesota the DOH has done its best to lie and twist data to convince people that the virus is dangerous to children and that the variants are even more dangerous.  The data simply doesn’t support that.  This research from England looked at whether the Alpha-driven way affected more children or had worse outcomes.  No and no were the answers.  Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone.  (UK Study)

The first piece of vaccine research comes from a nursing home outbreak in Germany, where residents and staff had been vaxed, over three-quarters of residents and over half of staff.  This occurred during the Alpha wave, and at the time Alpha was supposedly much more infectious.  There were a number of infections but vaccine effectiveness was estimated at 88%.  Viral loads were lower in vaxed persons.  Household transmission was lower among infected staff who were vaxed vs. unvaxed.  There were significantly fewer serious illnesses among the vaxed, but two out of five deaths were of vaxed residents.  Guess what wasn’t mentioned in the study–everyone had to wear masks.  Guess they didn’t make any difference, vaxed or unvaxed.  I love how researchers ignore the obvious because they are so devoted to truth and science, but guess what, sticking with the politically required messaging is even more important.  The messages from the study are similar to those from other research, the vaccines don’t stop all infections, even in a group that was relatively recently vaccinated, and they are particularly poor at helping old people, but they do seem to prevent some serious illness and assist in fighting off an infection faster and masks don’t work.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another study comparing the two mRNA vaccines and the AstraZeneca one.  Once again, Moderna seems to prompt a stronger neutralizing antibody response and also a stronger T cell one.  But this study only looked at levels for about two months post vaccination.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This paper on effectiveness came from Saudia Arabia and compared Pfizer and AstraZeneca.  This was a very young group which received only a single dose of vaccine.  Follow-up was 3 to 8 months and in that time about 7% of the group became infected.  Those with prior infections were excluded, which obviously could affect trial results, and Saudia Arabia had high prevalence.  (Medrxiv Paper)

People keep looking at the effect of natural immunity versus the one resulting from vax.  This study is from Johns Hopkins.  While antibody levels were higher in the first few weeks after vaccination than in those who were only infected, over a longer period they remained substantially higher in those who were both vaxed and prior infected versus those who were only vaxed.  Unfortunately, they apparently had no long term comparator group for infected only versus vaxed only, but I suspect the infected group at longer follow-ups would have better adaptive immune responses.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Yes, I do report on adverse event research in regard to the vaccines when it appears.  This study examined clotting issues.  While there were a number of serious clotting events reported, it appears that in most cases they were unrelated to the vaccines and within the realm of background rates, but continued vigilance is warranted.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Delta, Delta, Delta.  This study from Japan compared viral loads and clinical characteristics of cases with different variants.  There was no difference in viral loads.  There was no difference in mortality.   Delta is not worse than Alpha.  (Medrxiv Paper)

It isn’t just the US where teenagers have struggled with mental health as a result of the mitigation measures.  This paper from Switzerland finds significant deterioration of mental health, especially during the second wave.  (Medrxiv Paper)

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  • Kevin Rademacher says:

    OK. We live with it.. Just like any other coronavirus. These Vaccines have no impact on the outcome other than promoting more variants. Masks, lockdowns, school closures, vaccine mandates and pediatric terror are the end goal. I’m going to keep seeing my kids and gkids. WE ARE TRACKING SEASONAL FLU REAL TIME.

  • Bryon says:

    “There were a number of infections but vaccine effectiveness was estimated at 88%.”

    Have you looked into what 88% effectiveness means?

    Are there 88% fewer deaths than among the vaccinated versus unvaccinated? Fewer hospitalizations? Fewer cases?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      It looks to me like after a few months the vaccines are marginally effective at reducing infection risk but retain good effectiveness against serious disease

  • Frank says:

    Thanks again for what you do. Timing question for those of us who are (or will soon be) eligible for mRNA boosters: Should we get a booster as soon as allowed or wait until immune response from initial doses drops a bit more (or additional research is available)?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      it appears to me that the initial dosing schedule for the vaccines was wrong, they should have had at least a two month or three month spread. More vulnerable between doses, but longer lasting response. I don’t know if a third shot will provide substantially longer strong protection or not. We need more time to see.

  • James Zuck says:

    On masks, my granddaughter got a bacteria infection in her one eye and came close to loosing her eye sight. It started with getting sand in her eye causing a scratch. Her mother is a school teacher and promotes mask wearing. The bacteria source could be from anywhere but the mask should be considered and to me would be the prime suspect. The child wears glasses and the mask will funnel air flow right under the glasses and direct it to the eyes. Like you said, masks become a diaper bag of bacteria. Beyond me why people do not understand the basics on this subject.

  • Bill says:

    Thank you for your continued efforts. It must be frustrating.

  • WS says:

    There is a passing mention of Masks for the German Nusring home, line 73 page3 ” staff and visitors had to wear FFP2 standard masks inside the nursing home.” But that should have been called out in the abstract, but that is just me.

  • Karl H says:

    Thanks for your great work! Isn’t this Part 27?

  • J. Thomas says:

    Something that doesn’t prevent infection, but reduces severity, isn’t a ‘vaccine’. It should be called an ‘EUA Severity Suppressor’, which works for some of the population. I’m not holding my breath for the CDC and MSM to adopt this language change …

    I just keep asking myself, with all of the verified medical evidence that’s it’s just not that big of a deal for most, especially the kids, why are they hell bent on jabbing everyone ? What else is coming our way from Fauci’s Wuhan Bio-Terrorist team? Are the unvaxed the smart ones, or the fools?

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