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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 24

By September 21, 2021Commentary

I just want to observe that Minnesota is nearing a milestone, a truly stupid one.  We have almost tested every Minnesotan once, and we have tested a lot of them multiple times.  Absurd.  I have some bad news too, I think cases are going to move higher, perhaps dramatically higher, in the upper Midwest in the next few weeks.  Minnesota has been semi-plateaued for weeks, but other states around us are already starting a case move.  Maybe I am wrong, and I definitely don’t think we will see as significant a hospital or death wave, but the combination of seasonal favorability, dumb testing policies and over-sensitive PCR tests makes this almost inevitable.  Coming to a neighborhood near you soon, everywhere in the US, until we do what a few rational countries in Europe are doing and stop treating this flu-like illness as though it were something else.

Now let me make a few other epidemic/social observations.  Anyone who is “progressive” should be mortified at the hypocrisy and elitism of your supposed leaders and leading lights.  AOC does a “let them wear masks” Marie Antoinette impression.  The mayor of San Francisco, truly an exemplar of the idiocracy which has taken over much of urban America, said she didn’t wear a mask because the spirit moved her not to, in the city with one of the strictest, most ludicrous mitigation regimes anywhere.  All those woke, oh-so-progressive Hollywood celebrities can go maskless at the Emmys, in contravention of the rules that apply to everyone else.  These people are all the embodiment of elitism.  This is the party of the people?  No, this is the party of the people who think they are better than everyone else and therefor entitled to both tell the rest of us how we have to live and to ignore the rules they make for the masses.  Fuck them, sorry for the language, but fuck them.

This really is how revolutions, peaceful hopefully, start.  I believe most people do not yet realize how bad things are going to get economically–we are facing very high, particularly for recent decades, inflation, slowing growth, higher interest rates, potential energy and other shortages.  All those wage increases are doing nothing for the average person, because what is hitting home to them is those increases just becomes part of a vicious spiral–one person’s better wages is some business’ cost, which it recoups by raising prices, which ultimately usually means that lower-income workers end up worse off than they were before the pay increases.  Frustration from this economic stagnation, coupled with the oblivious displays of elitist behavior, is a recipe for revolt against the ruling class.

The response to the epidemic has terrorized and dispirited people and left many unmoored.  As a result we are seeing record drug and alcohol-related deaths.  This study compared drug overdose deaths in Rhode Island in 2020 to those in 2019.  Overall deaths were up 30%, particularly affecting men, single persons and those who lost a job.  There were more deaths at home and fewer in the hospital.     (JAMA Article)

And more good news from England, although the same phenomenon exists in the US, as people delayed seeking treatment for symptoms which might be cancer, and a new report suggests that will ultimately result in tens of thousands of additional deaths.  At least they won’t die of CV-19, unless a stray fragment of RNA ends up in their nose at time of autopsy.  (UK Story)

Extensive new data from the UK reveals that the existence of “long” CV-19 is largely a myth, with a prevalence of extended symptom periods among only a small portion of those whose cases were detected and many of the symptoms were very mild ones.  Those who experienced longer symptom periods tended to be in worse health to being with or to have much more serious CV-19 disease.  And in a control group who were not infected, many persons reported the same symptoms in the same length of time.  (UK Report)

This story is just catching up to what anyone who looked at the death certificates has known for a long-time, deaths attributed to CV-19 are greatly exaggerated.  It is mostly anecdotes, not the real clinical review we need.  If such a review were done, just as with hospitalizations, we would find a very large percent were not caused by CV-19 and many had nothing to do with the virus.  (Death Story)

Before we lost our minds over CV-19, people did research on other common respiratory viruses and found that they too exacted a pretty significant toll, particularly on the elderly, but for whatever reason, we didn’t test like crazy and go berserk over non-serious illnesses.  Here is a pre-pandemic study from 2015 on rhinoviruses, following all patients hospitalized over the course of a year at one large teaching hospital.  Patients with pneumonia caused by influenza were compared with those whose pneumonia was caused by rhinovirus.  About 40% of the patients had rhinovirus infections.   These patients on average needed more intensive hospital care and were more likely to die.  So much for the mild rhinovirus.  I am sure that when the scourge of coronavirus is conquered at last, we can turn to rhinovirus for our terrorism.  (PubMed Study)

CV-19 is an enveloped virus and this research contributes to a much-needed better understanding of the function of that envelop.  The envelop of the virus is packed with spike protein, which is more flexible than in most coronaviruses which may contribute to the infectiousness.  (Medrxiv Paper) 

There are a lot bugs out there, folks, and our bodies are filled with them.  The totality of this community of parasites living in our tissues, especially our respiratory tract, is actually an interesting balance which provides benefits to us in a variety of bodily functions, including for our immune systems.  These researchers studied the totality of the “microbiome” in the respiratory tracts of a few hundred patients and found that the presence of certain pathogens was associated with more serious CV-19 disease, while a microbiome slanted toward certain other pathogens appeared to offer protection against that serious disease.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Some problems are apparently just too hard to be easily solved, like why there appears to be some geographical and seasonal pattern to CV-19 case waves.  This study from the Netherlands looks at the problem and claims that higher temperatures, higher solar radiation and more incidence of hay fever are linked to a lower number of cases and that greater mobility, especially to indoor recreation facilities, is associated with more cases.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study from Switzerland found that overall hospital mortality declined from earlier sets of cases to later ones, but that death among those in intensive care increased.  The pattern suggests some improvement in management of cases, and perhaps more selectivity in which patients end up in intensive care.  (Medrxiv Paper)



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  • Rob says:

    “Patients with pneumonia caused by influenza were compared with those whose pneumonia was caused by influenza. ”

    Perhaps you’ve been listening to DOH double-talk too much!

    On a serious note, I have two friends with suicides in their families in the last couple months. One was 22, the other was 40. Still leaves me speechless, yet I can understand why one would want to get off this crazy train.

  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    Spot On !! We have to be allowed to start living life again. I have always as has my family gotten the flu shot and i never let it bother me who didn’t. People are responsible for their own health.

  • J. Thomas says:

    It won’t be long until is a criminal civil offence to get sick and a felony to get someone else sick.. This is where the ‘ Crazy Train’ is going. As in “The Managerial Revolution” explained in James Burnham’s book. Burnham influenced Orwell’s 1984 !

    It feels like the installed ‘King Biden’ and his Court are doing everything they can think of to create civil unrest and prompt a revolution in the streets. I’m certainly of the opinion that “Crony Capitalism’ has it’s faults and opportunities for improvement, but taking this ship down does no one any good in the long run. Who’s really behind this? Why isn’t there any middle ground on the vision of change?

  • Thomas L Heller says:

    The corrective to this is all in the hands of the American people. But i am now convinced most Americans (meaning 70 percent or more) have a contempt for liberty. That large group mistakes license for liberty. Extremely troubling.

  • Dan says:

    Kevin. Interested to here your thoughts on the StarTribune COVID Poll. Looks like we are loosing the fight and there’s no chance on changing and Democrats minds. They are either close minded zombies or they benefit from the control but they all either agree with what’s been done or even want stricter controls.

  • Larry Fitzgerald says:

    Any thoughts on the discussions re: 2018 DARPA $14M grant application by Daszik & Eco Health Alliance? Does it nail down GoF intent and solidify lab origin likelihood? If NIH would release the novel CV sequences, or if they are ever discovered elsewhere, then the final clue would be revealed. You think?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I doubt we will ever get the full truth, the Chinese simply won’t cooperate. I cannot at all understand why the US government is funding any research on viruses in China, I don’t know what good could possibly have come from that.

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