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Joe Biden Is a Senile Jackass

By September 9, 2021September 10th, 2021Commentary

He is also a Nazi-style, Mao-style, Stalin-style authoritarian.  He believes he has the unilateral right, without any science or data to back him, to determine whether people can work and support themselves and their family.  As readers know, and many of you berate me about this, I think the vaccines are safe and as effective as might reasonably be expected, and while I think it is everyone’s personal decision, I would generally encourage people to get vaccinated, but……  What he is doing is wrong on so many levels and will ultimately be found to be not only a constitutional violation, but impermissable on a regulatory level.

We now have ample research that people who were previously infected have at least as good, if not better, protection from infections and serious disease than are those who were vaccinated.  Why should they be punished? Shouldn’t they be protected from the vaxed, who appear to be more likely to infect them than another previously infected person is?  And what about people who have legitimate reasons to be fearful of a vaccine side effect–like young males do with myocarditis.  This level of dictatorship cannot be permitted.  If Congress doesn’t agree to this, a President shouldn’t be able to order it.  There is no reason why they can’t get Congress to try to pass these mandates, and if it won’t, that is democracy in action.

And what are this idiot and the babbling, bumbling goofballs who make up his administration going to do when people gain wider awareness that already a third of cases are among the vaxed, and soon it will be 50% and then it will be 75%, and the proportion of hospitalizations and deaths will rise as well.  Will that be evidence that this evil plan is working?

I can’t believe we have to put up with four years of this woke bullshit, corrupt, lying, demented, incompetent, egotistical, stubborn asshole.  And we probably won’t because his mental state will sooner or later force his party, in conjunction with the dreadful polls, to pull him out of office.  And then we will get the even less competent Harris. God help us.

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  • Alvasman says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Douglas Kraus says:

    The only way to cover up the vaccines breakthrough infections, is the mandatory vaccination of every citizen. If there is a control group, the evidence would be plain to everyone. Don’t think this is a crackpot scheme. It is necessary to strengthen his position on covid

  • Richard Allison says:

    And strong letter to follow. 😉

  • Dan says:

    I totally agree with you but I’m actually more pissed off at all the stupid voters who elected the old scumbag. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really try to enforce what he announced tonight the results will be bloodshed. No way is anyone forcing a vaccine on me and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  • Matt says:

    I flip flop between despair and hope daily. I cringe as I see headlines out of Australia, and worry we aren’t far behind. But it didn’t take long for several governor’s to promise challenges to the newest edicts. But then tomorrow I will probably find out my employer is eager to enforce these new rules, they just wanted an excuse. A great split seems imminent. I hope it can be relatively peaceful.

  • Heller Tom says:

    Amen, brother Roche. Amen!

  • Harley says:

    Such a predictable move by Biden and his think tank of policy experts. Takes his Afghanistan mishap off the front page. And CNN happy to accomodate. The IB will be soon to follow, once he checks in with the teacher’s union.

  • J. Thomas says:

    DK, to the best of my knowledge, investigation, the ‘control group’ was vaccinated. Another brilliant misstep by the Anointed. The vaccinated countries have breakthrough infections piling up, no one in their right mind would be pushing last year’s vaccine on this year’s problem (but he’s not in his right mind). There’s no historical precedent for mass vaccinations during an outbreak for many good virology reasons. How has this all changed? This is madness, Hitler, Stalin, Mao style !!

    Where does the work stand to upgrade, update, the vaccine to be more broadly effective to variants? How are the other vaccine types (attenuated virus) working against Delta? Are there other vaccine technologies in the pipeline to undermine the replication proteins the way Ivermectin/Zink has been shown to work? The Amish in our area are doing fine, Tractor Supply has sold out of the horse paste, strangely coincidental !

    I also think it’s high time for conservative judges to step up and issue legal blocks to all of Biden’s EO’s. The liberal judges were out in force every time Trump attempted to do anything like this. How can a mentally challenged person be allowed to use EO’s, aren’t there prerequisites? The Republican party is as culpable as any other group for sitting on their polite little useless asses while this unfolds. Team DeSantis, Cotton, et al need to engage NOW !

  • Richard Vozzolo says:

    You stated ” And what is this idiot and the babbling, bumbling goofballs who make up his administration going to do when people gain wider awareness that already a third of cases are among the vaxed, and soon it will be 50% and then it will be 75%, and the proportion of hospitalizations and deaths will rise as well. Will that be evidence that this evil plan is working? ”
    I believe you are correct on all counts.
    So that i can reference this info, regarding vaxed cases now and possible future percentages of the vaxed in the Covid case load, could you please foot note the sources you used to arrive at these numbers.

  • LeeS says:

    Maybe we’ll see more small businesses of <100 after this mandate?

  • Abhijit Bhakshi says:

    Who put possibly have seen this coming?

    Could non-stop trumpeting of vaccine “effectiveness” while assisting the Big Tech/MSM blackout on early treatment be at all related?

  • Fergie says:

    A rant I wrote in my personal blog almost a month ago:

    Fergie’s Personal Opinion & Rant!
    Mid-August 2021

    Looking over all the more conservative leaning news sites and many others, as I do usually every morning with a cup of coffee to wake up, I am noticing that more and more of them are reporting and commenting on the increasing effect all the Biden administrations actions on the public at large as well as those by local Democratically dominated extreme “woke” entities like state governments, city/town councils, school boards, corporations and unions. They are finally responding to the fact that we are rapidly losing our freedoms and our country because of these actions and that more and more average Americans are getting angry as a result.

    If you look at the comments to these articles, many are saying that as citizens, we are not helpless and must fight back. Well, it’s a mite too late for the average citizen who hasn’t the power or clout of the head of a large corporation, especially a media corporation, or high office like our Justice Department to turn things around. If one does stick their neck out to oppose any of these assaults on our freedoms and our welfare and get any public support for it, the enormous powers that be threaten them with “We’ll break your kneecaps if you don’t stop”.

    Just look at the January 6th Capital protesters to see what happened there. Even at this date more than one half year after the protest, there are very few articles, reports or mentions in the conservative media outlets of the fate of the protesters arrested and put in jail, many without charges. Our current United States government has gone full “Soviet Union” on these dissenting citizens. Based on the lack of news, this must also apply to any investigative journalism on their fate or we would certainly hear more about this outrage. Meanwhile hundreds of BLM and Antifa terrorists can destroy and loot whole downtown areas and escape with no penalties, or at best, a slap on the wrist.

    Meanwhile, it’s ironic that these newbie “Johnny come lately” patriots might have gotten behind President Donald Trump for the past four years if they had been paying attention to what was really going on in the world. Even then it would have been a questionable fight. Reversing a half century of so-called “Progressive” government trudging down “the road to serfdom” is not easily turned around.

    All these conservative media pundits who now are sounding the alarm and who previously let Trump’s direct outspoken personal style blind their elitist temperaments to reality need to assume a lot of responsibility for the disastrous situation America faces today.

    (Sept. 10, 2021 Note: This was even before the Afghanistan fiasco and vaccine madates)

  • Ron Wilson says:

    1. This idiot clearly and provably stole the election.
    2. Due to that fact, the election needs to be re-awarded to Donald Trump.
    3. This idiot need to go to jail.

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