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You Won’t Read About This Study in the Traditional Media

By September 8, 2021Commentary

I like to highlight the absurd mask studies that get lots of press for supposedly supporting the mask zealots.  And I have to highlight others because I know they will get no press.  This one was done in a county in Texas, second only to Florida as a renegade out-of-control state full of Trump supporters, bigots, etc, etc, etc.  And a place that for some reason, millions of Americans want to move to and are moving to, also like Florida.  Can’t figure out whys so many people are still interested in freedom and rationality despite the non-stop avalanche of woke propaganda.  (PubMed Study)

At least these researchers appropriately note the difficulty in doing these kinds of studies and the significant limitations regarding the accuracy of these results, but then non-mask religionists are more likely to have integrity.  Anyway, the researchers tried to associate country level mask mandate policies with hospitalizations, deaths and other utilization events.  Ooops, no association.  In fact, on a properly adjusted basis, all outcomes were actually higher after the mask mandate.  Sounds a lot like Minnesota’s experience, where neither the mask mandate, nor near universal mask wearing made a lick of difference in anything related to the epidemic.  Harold, Harold, I know who the winner is, I know who the winner is.  And it isn’t masks.  (Okay that is a somewhat obscure reference to a wonderful movie based in Minnesota called Drop Dead Gorgeous, and if you haven’t seen it, you must, especially if you like to laugh.  Kirsten Dunst is the perfect Minnesotan.)

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  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    Thank you Kevin for another valid study showing masks make no difference with Covid 19 an usually make it worse. my personal plan is to never mask again except when flying, until that idiotic rule goes away.

  • L W says:

    Having moved to Dallas from MN in the last year, I am still amazed at the people, including my fully vaccinated son, who done masks before entering stores. He doesn’t want to talk about any science behind the masks. And definitely, his teacher wife, does not want to.

  • Abhijit Bhakshi says:

    I just picked up a relative at a high school in a jurisdiction where masks are mandatory in schools. The children wear them with incredible obedience. When they become adults and voters, no amount of evidence will convince them masks don’t work. Masking will be steeped in their bones.

    Then 30 or 40 years from now some contrarians will counter the narrative that masks work. Books will be written asking how a whole generation could have swallowed the hogwash. However, the medical profession will stick to its guns.

    When you control the schools you control everything. Thus is why with heart disease as a top (if not number one) killer your average sheep is afraid of eggs because of the dietary cholesterol.

    I hate to be such a killjoy but if we don’t get off this train soon, there is no getting off.

  • J. Thomas says:

    From several teachers that I interface with, it’s pure symbolism. Kids are notoriously negligent (understandably so) in the ‘proper’ use of a mask. They constantly shift/handle them to more comfortable positions, trade them back and forth, leave them lying around, most surely don’t wash them correctly every day, and correct ‘fit’ is not an expectation.

    The NEA’s goal is to separate the parental influence from their lives early on. The sicko’s at the top read these same studies, they know this is a joke, but are complete spineless reptiles. The goal of the school system is NOT to educate your children, it’s to provide adults with 6 figure jobs in the absence of accountability … at the highest tolerable cost to the tax payers.

    Unfortunately, I feel the circle is almost complete. There are now enough parents who were turned into ideologs that they think this is ‘normal’ in the education systems. They don’t know the difference since they too were part of it. They don’t want to, or have the courage to do the hard work of parenting. It’s easier to hand it off the the school system. They are too mentally soft to stand up in a school board meeting and challenge the idiots. They don’t want to ‘feel’ bad about it. This isn’t everyone, obviously there are stories every day of the courageous few, but it’s not enough to derail the train referred to by AB.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    By now, the pattern is obvious all over the world: Cases start to rise, when cases have risen to about 2/3rds of their eventual peak, politicians panic and start throwing out new rules to live by, shutting down life, businesses, and sticking cloth on everyone’s face. The peak usually comes before any of their autocratic rules could possible have taken effect. Nonetheless, when the peak happens, and cases start to fall, politicians all pat themselves on the back and take a bow.

  • Aaron Goldberg says:

    Would you be willing to describe the problems with the Missouri hair stylist “mask study” in detail?

  • Aaron Goldberg says:

    No, I mean the same one from 2020. If you already wrote a post about it, please provide a link to it.

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