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Week-Over-Week Cases and Hospitalizations, September 3

By September 5, 2021Commentary

As with active cases, this week-over-week analysis of change for each day of the week suggests we are at or past the peak of the current bump, even though this one is lagged a week to allow for completeness in the table of cases by speciment collection date.  Graphing is a great way to monitor this data because it allows you to eyeball the nature of the change in the daily change, or the true trend.  Note how sharp the reversals look, but again this is largely influenced in regard to cases by the testing vagaries.  But if you look at a few weeks span, you also see that the true reversals happen pretty quickly.  Once people stop infecting other people as frequently, the number of active cases and the change in cases are rapid.   And I hate to disappoint fans of the euphemistically named non-pharmaceutical interventions, but they make no difference in these curves; what does make a difference in shape and length appears to be vaccination.  More excellent work from Dave Dixon.

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  • Don says:

    We in South Carolina look forward to joining you on the downside of the curve. Hopefully soon.

  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    We really need to start living with the reality that this virus will be with us because it is endemic.
    the fear mongering, reporting and tabulation of inaccurate PCR testing must stop.
    The USA needs to begin living life as we always have with the flu or the pneumonia viruses.

  • Abhijit Bhakshi says:

    Yes, Stacey. That is the way. No more fear, no more testing healthy people, no more closing gyms and schools to promote “health”.

    The other thing we can do is have the medical profession start actually treating patients before they need hospitalization, using known treatments. You know, like doctors used to do.

    And sites like this one could cover treatment, and stats on treatment.

    And we could force our media to stop being garbage people who lie:

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