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Which Country Would You Rather Live In?

By September 3, 2021Commentary

I haven’t talked about Sweden in a while, but the country has gotten a fair amount of recent press, especially in Europe, for the sanity of their approach.  If you look at the case and especially the death charts below for the country, you can see that while they have a slight case bump now, deaths are almost nonexistent.  People in the country never obsessed over the epidemic and now basically ignore it.  Sweden has a high vax rate, but they also aren’t freaking out over whether vaccines work and boosters are needed.  The overall CV-19 death rate, and Sweden uses a very liberal attribution method, was 1440  per million, compared to a far higher 1989 in the US.  Minnesota is at about 1406.  Sweden’s total excess deaths are much lower, as they did not terrorize their citizens into missing needed health care or engaging in drug and alcohol abuse resulting in deaths.  The country also did far less damage to its economy and its social fabric.  Oh, and no one wears masks or is told they have to wear a mask.  I know which country I would rather be living in.


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  • rob says:

    This is the type of data that makes sense to everybody. If I were trying to make my case to the general public, this is the kind of thing I would focus on. Sweden did X, the US did Y, and Sweden’s results were better. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    Back to the Old Country we go!

  • Tim Hiestand says:

    Yes, but Sweden didn’t have Democrats who needed to use covid as a Hail Mary to steal an election they knew in early 2020 they had zero chance of winning with the economy, unemployment and many, many other things going so well. Destroying the economy (check) and using the locjdownd as an enabler for mail-in voting and the inherent fraud that comes with it, especially in multiple states that had never been setup to do it before (check) got the end result they could justify despite the horrific means. Cynical, I realize, but nothing has proved it wrong.

    Good for the rational and brave Swedes.

  • Lillian Fry says:

    Also Denmark recently acknowledged Sweden’s success and removed all or most restrictions. One thing to note is that Sweden’s obesity rate is about 20% whereas ours – US- is over 40%. Makes a difference

  • Paul Nachman says:

    As a worthy supplement to Mr. Roche’s brief take above, specifically on the subject of masks, there was an article at Townhall last December 28 by Scott Morefield, “This Tennessee Data for Masked vs. Unmasked Counties Would Be on Every Front Page, if Results Were Different,” (Raw data at )

    Morefield’s result: In 17 contiguous counties of eastern Tennessee, 8 with masks mandated, 9 without such a mandate, for the period October 1 to December 22, there was effectively no difference in the covid infection rate. Of course not every person in the “mandate” counties would have been obeying the rule, and surely some people in the “non-mandate” counties would have masked up on their own. But among an aggregate population of about 1.4 million in the 17 counties, you’d expect **some** significant difference if masks actually mattered. (And note that this was a “real world” result, involving the **sloppy** wearing of masks by many people who were mostly just going through the motions.)

  • L. E. Joiner says:

    Sweden has now banned travelers from the USA.

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