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What the Epidemic Response Did

By September 3, 2021Commentary

This chart of drug overdoses, courtesy I believe of Phil Kerpen on Twitter, compiled from CDC data, shows the incredible spike during the epidemic, which is remaining high.  This isn’t caused by the virus, this is caused by terroristic, futile and just plain stupid government policy reponses to the epidemic.  Nice work by all involved.  And these are by an large young people, with many years of life to go.  All lost now.

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  • AnonyMouse says:

    We had a member of our close family come close to death from anorexia, certainly made worse by extreme isolation for months on end. 12 days in the hospital, 2 months in residential rehab, 2 months in intensive outpatient rehab, and now to slightly less intensive outpatient rehab have followed. Another member has gone of the cliff with OCD.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Add the suicides that have resulted in folks loosing complete hope from the fear mongering. The MSM has as much blood on its hands as the CDC and FDA.

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