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Week-Over-Week Update, August 26

By August 28, 2021Commentary

Remember that these are lagged, due to data lags in reporting to the state, but they can still give a sense of likely direction.  The true trend is the rate of change in the daily change.  Thanks again to Dave Dixon.  The rate of growth in cases appears truly headed down, but with school testing on the horizon, and state fair terrorism, who knows what will happen.

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  • Ganderson says:

    Last week the City of Northampton, MA reinstituted its indoor mask requirements- yesterday it was announced that the mandate was being expanded to a number of outdoor locations as well- the Tedeschi-Trucks Band played at an outdoor venue last week, and the local Karens were all over the local papers and websites- notably complaining about the unmasked crowds. As I predicted, there is now a statewide order that all in person school personnel, pupils, teachers, staff, must be masked when school resumes in the fall. In addition indoor interscholastic fall athletes, which here means volleyball, and swimming. The swimmers don’t have to wear masks while they’re competing, but at all other times.

    My Wednesday night hockey group begins again after a 16 month hiatus- but we are required to wear masks WHILE WE PLAY! I won’t play hockey with a mask on.

    It’s possible, even likely, that lockdowns will return, and that in person schooling will go away.

    I just reread Michael Chrichton’s “Aliens cause Global Warming”. A very apt description of the current madness.

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