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The IB Is Struck by Lightening, Leading to Sudden Blast of Reality

By August 27, 2021Commentary

There was a CV-19 briefing in Minnesota this week, which I will get to in a moment.  But the truly significant news is that after 15 months of thinking we can beat the virus, in a front-page story in the Star Tribune, our hometown media arm of the Democrat party, Governor Walz said we are just going to have to learn to live with CV-19.  My God, really, a lot of us having been saying this since the start.   In the meantime, how much damage have we done.  Oh look, here is another story in the Strib today, school children’s scores on tests to measure proficiency plummeted in the last year.  Couldn’t be all those school closings you ordered, could it Governor?  And look, here is another front-page story in the Strib today, about wave of RSV infections that are putting children in the hospital, and it isn’t RSV season.  Why how could that be, maybe isolating them from other children wasn’t good for their immune systems, which need constant exposure to pathogens to develop immunity.  Maybe masking them really does just put virus collection devices on their faces and help encourage infection.   It is of course, hilarious to read the Strib coverage and how they twist everything to fit their preferred narrative.  RSV was fine in the winter because children were masked and social distanced, but when that stopped RSV came along.  Bullshit.  It is exploding out of season because you deprived children of normal exposures that would protect them against severe infection.

We could end the “epidemic” and the nonsense tomorrow.  Stop reporting on it like it is the end of the world.  Treat it like the flu it is in terms of morbidity and mortality for the general population.  No more daily reporting on anything.  Just stop it.  Stop the crazy testing.  But that will be hard to do because it would be admitting that mistakes were made, and they were.  So more likely we will just keep the terror up, so when the Governor says we just have to learn to live with CV-19, what he really means is we just will have to keep living with his campaign of terror and coronamonomania and all the damage it is doing, with the hardest hit being children and minorities.

The briefing mentioned above was full of the usual terrorization and misleading statements.  I will keep saying it til it is finally acknowledged, Delta is not far more transmissible.  It does not result in much higher viral loads.  If it did, we would among other things we would see much higher transmission rates and we would see more serious illness.  Stop lying.  We are told to wear masks outdoor, I assume because they have worked so well indoors.  We got more equity nonsense.  And in response to a stupid question from a reporter, further terrorization about children and outdoor activities.  It is an absolute lie for them to say they see transmission in crowded outdoor spaces; they don’t have a clue where transmission occurs.  Look at the weekly report, the page on transmission sources–not a clue on most transmission, over 50% they don’t know, and the percent is growing in recent weeks.   And that is why we don’t hear much about test and trace; it didn’t make a bit of difference.  When discussing hospitalizations, no acknowledgement that a lot of what they call CV-19 hospitalizations aren’t.  And no acknowledgment that a big issue in hospital staffing right now is that vaccine mandates are leading people to quit.  The most offensive question from a reported basically was complaining that children weren’t being forced to mask indoors and outdoors at school.  Let me just point out again that the bulk of the actual evidence shows no benefit from masking children in school and that European countries don’t require this.  But this group never lets the actual data and science influence what they say.

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  • Mark D Culham says:

    Although I live in IA, not MN, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your reasoned and specific comments vis-a-vis the pandemic terror being spread by public officials through their all-too-willing accomplices in the media. I, for one, am grateful.

  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    That was exactly my thought at 5:30 this morning when i was reading the paper. The one statement of honest scientific understanding from the IB and hospitals. Absolutely amazing until you remember that we are entering an election year. Hope the flash of honest science following lasts.

  • donaldw says:

    Apologies for my lack of any real knowledge into medical science. I have to ask my question as a pure layman. I read here and elsewhere that natural immunity looks more and more robust. A recent study in Israel only adds to this. And I’ve read that one of the reasons it is more robust is that the natural immunity involves a more broad and thorough immunological response to the presence of the virus whereas the vaccine uses a more limited and direct response focused on the spike protein. What I wonder is this: if a vaccinated person becomes infected, do they rely only on the vaccine or does the presence of the virus prompt their immune system to respond beyond the way the vaccine taught it? Does it respond also like an unvaccinated person would? And does this give the vaccinated person more protection if they have future infections?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I would assume that a vaxed person who becomes infected will develop a broader response, similar to what those who have been infected and then are vaxed develop. And yes, the reason infection seems better is because the response is to multiple segments of the virus genome, not just the spike protein.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Another HUGE reason NOT to jab kids ! They need the most innate complex response to all viruses as their systems develop. This is virology 101 … We have to STOP the political BS storm that parents are faced with every day. Any Dr. that comes out in favor of jabbing kids needs to have his/her license pulled !!

  • Thomas L Heller says:

    Perhaps you saw Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s youtube post today on Afghanistan if not, take a look. i equate the two of you in terms of courage. The courage of people in positions of expertise on a given topic to speak the truth. That virtue is shared by very few. Thank you, for your continuing efforts.

  • i take “learn to live with CV-19” as a bad thing.
    vax mandates
    mask mandates
    children mask mandates
    remote classroom
    hybrid classroom
    proof of vax
    small business shutdowns

  • Ganderson says:

    Screaming headlines today “100,000 more could be dead by the end of the year” Jesus wept.

  • JR Ewing says:

    Agreed on the media. 2020 was an election year and they blew this whole thing out of proportion as a result and now it has a life of its own. Media, sheeple, politicians have all been conditioned to think of this epidemic in terms of crisis and panic.

    Had the media not lost its mind in the spring of 2020 trying to pin it all on Trump, we’d be in a much different place now.

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