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Active Cases, August 20

By August 21, 2021Commentary

Possible peak, plateau for sure.  Next move could be either way.  Anticipate that either the returning Sturgis rallyers or those intrepid enough to attend the Minnesota State Fair will cause cases to skyrocket (for those of you out of state, biggest state fair in the country, mostly because there are not only 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, but 10,000 types of food on a stick sold in booths at the fair, including “lake on a stick”, which took some real ingenuity.  I am not a native Minnesotan, and won’t be treated as such by true natives even though I have lived here for more than 45 years, and I was stunned by the Fair when I first went, but it sure explained why there are so many obese people.  On the other hand, the animal barns and machinery hill can’t be missed.  And speaking of food, where is my pork chop on a stick, my cheese curds, my handmade potato chips, mini-donuts, oops, excuse me anyone got a barf bag?)   Long digression, sorry.  Thanks to Dave Dixon for the charts.  And we really are at an inflection point, for now the percent increase in active cases is in decline.  Week-over-week charts coming, pretty much will show the same I believe.  I am just cautious about assuming a clear downturn, especially when we want to test every child every week at least.  Lot of non-case cases coming.

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