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Yeah, Vaccines Are Working Pretty Good

By August 16, 2021Commentary

These charts came of Twitter, cases by age group with vax status.  Again, likely understates vax effectiveness due to adaptive immunity among the unvaxed but infected group.


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  • Andy says:

    These data could be interpreted as “vaccines are working”; maybe also that the vaccines should only have been given to age 70+.

  • Christopher Foley MD ABIM says:

    Again, a paucity of definition makes these data hard to interpret. What is “severe”? In the vaccine trials, several mfgrs defined “severe” as 2 or more of things such as “fever, chills, runny nose, or cough.” Hardly “in extremis”! And the graph showing “cases” against the vaccination rate is silly as most people stopped the testing after they were vaccinated. Again, a “case” is 90% false + due to the over-amplification of the PCR testing itself. Then, of course we have the near total “disappearance of influenza” due to the inability of most of the PCR tests to distinguish between the two.

    Finally, unless most of this is randomized for vitamin D levels/nutrition and/or those might already have adaptive immunity, we have gibberish.

    There is zero discussion of the 15k deaths, markedly + d-dimer levels, and the incidence of serious pulmonary sxs, strokes, hematuria, and fatigue associated with being vaxxed. It is as if there is a moratorium on ANYTHING negative about these vaccines. One simply cannot assess the benefit without knowing the risks, nor render informed consent without the “informed” part.

  • Matt says:

    Glad to see the appearance of harm avoidance in the high age brackets, including both relative and absolutize risk reduction. Looking at the left side of the 2nd graph though, it becomes painfully obvious how little “absolute risk reduction” anyone under the age of 30 can hope to get. Even the 30-39 and 40-49 groups look surprisingly low on absolute risk reduction, and one would have to presume that underlying comorbidities are heavily at play in those age groups. So someone age 35, healthy BMI, no underlying conditions probably like a 20-29 year old would see almost zero absolute risk reduction from being vaccinated…

  • Corey says:

    This was passed along from Phil Kerpen on Twitter. Very interesting. Care to comment on this theory?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      no scientific basis that I am aware of and there actually isn’t any evidence of vaccine spikes in cases

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