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Week-Over-Week Change in Hospitalizations, August 12

By August 16, 2021Commentary

Because of testing changes, sometimes case trends can be misleading.  Hospitalizations also have their issues, but this is a look at the week-over-week percent change in hospitalizations by day.  You can see that admissions are low in number but the percent change week-over-week was pretty high in recent weeks, but seems to have dropped.  In general the percent change appears to be a leading indicator of trend.    Thanks again to Dave Dixon.

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  • J. Thomas says:

    As long as your PCP is not allowed to treat you locally, hospital numbers will be exaggerated. Phony PCR case counts up, phony death counts down. That’s good news ! There are cracks starting to develop in the ‘fear monger’s’ vail of control. Everyone has to see through the vail, stand up to NOT being locked down again and NOT being forced to get jabbed. Covid is endemic to the world, always has been, always will be. If you get sick, 99.9X% will get better without any so called vaccine, move on, get a life, join the herd !! ALL kids under 18 should be encouraged to get whatever this thing is that’s going around, stop hiding them and covering them up.

    BTW, of all things, Teacher’s unions are starting to push back on mandated jabs for their fraternity members.

    And, maybe use this situation to seriously re-evaluate your personal health choices. There’s a ton of continued evidence that viruses pick on the weak (that’s their job in nature). It really wouldn’t be bad thing if Coca Cola went out of business !!

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