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Our Uber Incompetent and Embarrassing Government

By August 15, 2021Commentary

Going to take a quick break from the coronamonomania panic and hysteria, all completely beyond what is justified by the facts, to comment on the sorry state of government in the US.  And before some accuse me of just being a right-wing nut job, I will reveal again that I am a free-market, real free-market, not the rigged one in the US, libertarian.  I haven’t thought much of most of the politicians and administrations I have seen in my lifetime, regardless of party.  John Anderson would have been my idea of a good president.  (A lot of you might have to look that reference up.)  But this president is apparently determined to make Jimmy Carter look like the essence of competence.  At least Carter was a good and decent human being, who devoted his life to helping those who need assistance, however misguided some of those efforts may have been.

Joe Biden, even before he became senile, was an incompetent political hack, who was creepily corrupt.  The media has consistently given him a pass on his constant efforts to enrich himself and his family through his political positions.  Even if he were in possession of a tenth of his former faculties, I don’t think he would actually be running the government, he isn’t capable of it.  And now we see the results.  It isn’t good for us and it isn’t good for the world.

Afghanistan is a horrifying example of this incompetence.  I am not sure we ever had a clear plan for what we are doing there, and it might have made more sense to just constantly use airstrikes against the terrorists and the Taliban as opposed to trying to rebuild an entire country.  However good the intentions for the people of Afghanistan, at some point they have to stand up for themselves, and we could have helped that process just as well and a lot more cheaply by an air campaign and special operations that targeted leaders and weapons.  But what Biden has allowed to happen is disastrous for the women and children in the country and anyone who isn’t a full-fledged Islamic extremist.  And I don’t want to hear anything about what a great religion Islam is.  As practiced by large numbers of its adherents it is a brutal, retrogressive ideology.  How can anyone in this country who claims to care about women or religious freedom not be outraged by what Biden is allowing to happen there.  Women are basically being enslaved from the moment they are born.

And it is completely undermining the US’ position as a force for good, good being allowing people to have the freedom to determine their government and how they live their lives.  China, Russia and our other adversaries, and that is what they are, are determined to bring us down, and Biden is going right along with the program.  Our friends think we are nuts and weak and unreliable.  This is a terrifying moment for human freedom.  The woke philosophy deployed by this administration is the most devisive one you could imagine.  It is fed by Russia and China who see it as the way to completely destablize our society and to turn us from a meritocracy to mediocracy, in which no one is rewarded for hard work or entreprenuership.  If you watch what is happening in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and other cities, we are on the bring of serious internal violence, forced by Antifa and similar groups.  Police have given up and ignore crime of all types.  Drug cartels and gangs are operating freely, because law enforcement either doesn’t care, profits from their activities, or is worried about phantom white supremacy threats.

If you read history at all, you would not be sanguine that everything will be okay in the end.  Nations do fall apart and do devolve.  That is what is happening here.  It can be reversed only by relatively extreme measures.  We need to completely defund the universities and colleges that are the wellspring of most of the mischief in our country.  They have produced ideological nincompoops who are both incapable of any real work and doing enormous damage to every institution and profession in the country.  Congress should immediately withdraw funding directly to universities and only give it in the form of student aid solely for students who are getting degrees in science, math, and a few professions.  Students should be financially encouraged to avoid colleges and universities which are hotbeds of ideology.  Political activity should be completely banned, and it should be illegal for any professor to in any manner advance any ideology.  This may all sound extreme, but those cesspools have to be eliminated if we are going to reverse the damage.  And the woke ideology will have to be rooted out of every elementary and secondary school as well.  The rot is so widespread that it is despair-inducing to even contemplate how it can be undone.

Unfortunately, one thing on the side of rationality is the immense economic damage the Administration is wreaking on the country.  People are feeling the impacts of inflation, and as the economy stagnates and people start losing good jobs, that may spur a faster disowning of the wokists who currently are in charge.  But again, the damage is perhaps beyond repair.  So say a prayer for the country, and say a special prayer for the women and children of Afghanistan.

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  • Bill in Seminole says:

    I went to Kabul, Afghanistan for a very short period in 2004, as part of a USAID project. While the people of Kabul were of a much different culture than us, there were many good people, and they had suffered greatly under the Taliban. I saw the beginnings of equal treatment for women, with young girls now allowed to go to school. There were also many Afghans who, after fleeing the country under the Taliban, had now returned to the country to help re-build it. I also visited the soccer stadium, then in disuse, which had been used by the Taliban for executions.

    Now that the Taliban have returned expect our news media to celebrate the Taliban’s human rights treatment of people, during the relative lull after takeover. Don’t be fooled, the 7th century treatment of people will begin in earnest as soon as the news media depart.

  • Joseph Lampe says:

    Earlier this year I wrote to my relatives that “We are experiencing the dismantling of our civilization by dangerous zealots and incompetents. It is occurring on many fronts, and it long predates Biden and Trump.” Governmental malfeasance on Covid-19 enormously accelerated this trend. Four or five good books have been published that examine the phenomenon. A very early analysis is at

  • Barb says:

    We can’t turn away from what is going on there, which is what the media will start doing as soon as they can.

  • Dan says:

    Anyone capable of critical thinking could have foreseen the state we are in as a result of voting for Biden. Unfortunately the election of Trump appears to have just slowed down the degradation of American society by four years. We have one last chance in 2022 to stop this. As far as Afghanistan goes what’s happening now was bound to happen with a government that can no longer control rampant crime in the streets of major US cities or the flood of illegal invaders at the southern border. The people in charge are all incompetent with their only skill being to speak the progressive line and equity bs.

  • rob says:

    I’d say after 20 years it’s long past time to cut our losses and admit defeat in Afghanistan. Hopefully we’ll learn something from it.

    I don’t understand what’s happening with the virus. Today in the NYT: “In Indonesia, hundreds of children have died from Covid-19 in recent weeks amid a Delta surge.”
    Should we not believe that, or has something dramatically changed?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t believe it for a second, there are very bad RSV epidemics in a number of places and that is more likely responsible than CV-19

  • J. Thomas says:

    Pelosi and Schumer MUST go, ASAP. Biden’s a senile dork, who does what he’s told, just a puppet. These 2 have reeked more havoc and destruction upon our country than any other combination of Dem’s. The ‘Squad’ should be next. They hide behind the freedom’s past generations have died for, while they whine and complain about the opportunities that they’ve been given by the same freedoms. I think we should ship them all to Afghanistan and let them try the same crap over there, see how that works out for them with the Taliban they’ve all ushered back in.

    If Nov 2022 doesn’t wipe out every open Dem seat in both the House and Senate, we’re through. The bad news is that there are less and less places to run. Sweden’s school system just passed legislation to allow 4yo’s to select their own gender, w/o parental involvement. They can apparently also choose which bathroom they want to use.

    The cover of the latest NEA magazine shows a photo of a young female (maybe?) person with a mask on, caption reads something of the effect “This year’s education will be about caring and social harmony”. I guess they have ZERO responsibility to make sure they can perform grade level mathematics, read and write the language, or find their state on a map. In support of Kevin’s advise, please get your children as far away from the government school system as possible. One year of a complete boycott and maybe parents will have leverage again. The NEA board must be flushed and a clean start in the fall of 2022. One year without their crap is worth a lifetime of competitive learning for the rest of their school years.

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