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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 3

By August 12, 2021Commentary

We have the nation’s first Child-Abuser-in-Chief, Dr. Leana Wen, how she ever got a medical degree I don’t know, thinks children should be forced to wear industrial grade masks.  This is beyond sick.  People who spread this crap should literally be jailed.  And the masking isn’t to protect children, it is to protect adults.  Children don’t get sick from CV-19.  Adults who are worried about it should get vaccinated, mask up, do whatever they want and shut up about putting masks on children.  Our children need a normal childhood, they need the best opportunity to learn social justice, and Marxism, and gender identity they can possibly have, and sticking masks on them won’t accomplish it.  I am beyond distressed when I see this crap.

I don’t know how many ways I have said this.  We cannot suppress or extinguish this virus.  It will be with us.  And the states and countries that recognize this fastest, get themselves in good shape the fastest.  Sweden is still the exemplar.  Moderate overall death rate, lower than most US states, and almost no social or educational or health care disruption.  The total toll on their population is far below that of other countries and certainly the US.  And states like Florida and South Dakota, which have largely let the virus run (although that isn’t the way they would phrase it) are in far better shape than places like New York, California, New Jersey and Illinois, which engage in never-ending lockdowns and suppression efforts.  I am hoping that Minnesota’s divided government has induced a level of caution in the IB that means he too will just let the virus do what it will, which won’t be much in highly vaccinated and infected population.

Looking at figuring out a way, with Dave Dixon’s help, to track week-over-week changes in case growth on a daily basis.  Take some work and adjusting for completeness factors (you health care actuaries out there know what I am talking about), but be informative to show the rate of change in the rate of change.  That is how you spot the inflection point in a trend.  Can do the same for hospitalizations, which so far on an eyeballing basis aren’t showing much.

Only teachers unions and child abusers think children should either be kept from in-person learning or forced to wear masks.  Children have an infinitesimal risk from CV-19.  They are not responsible for substantial transmission to adults.  Any adult who is concerned can get vaccinated and wear a mask.  Masks don’t work to suppress transmission in a community setting.  None of those facts matter to the mask religionists.  This article describes a study in England (I am trying to find the actual study) by the public health authority looking at transmission in schools.  (Fortune Article)   The study was conducted in June, when community transmission was high, and when masks were not mandated.  Very few students or staff tested positive.  The rate of infection was lower than in the community, and lower than in fall 2020.

I think the “aerosols are the primary method of transmission for CV-19” research is suppressed because it doesn’t fit with the mask religion.  Here is yet another study showing that aerosol transmission is not just a thing, but probably the thing.  (Medrxiv Paper)    The study was done in hamsters, which for some reason are a common proxy for human studies, but aerosol emission is aerosol emission.  Most of the virus was in very small aerosols, but note also that far less virus was cultured than was found by PCR testing of the aerosols.

And speaking of the mask religion, here is an excellent article summarizing the lack of research around effectiveness in slowing community transmission.  (CJ Article)

Vaccine effectiveness studies are pouring in, and this one from England examined Pfizer and AstraZeneca, with a focus on the Delta variant.   (NEJM Article)   Vaccination status of people with a symptomatic infection was analyzed.  After one dose, both vaccines had modest effectiveness against both Delta and Alpha.  After two doses, effectiveness improved dramatically, 93.7% for Pfizer against Alpha and 88% versus Delta.  For AZ, 74.5% versus Alpha and 67% versus Delta.  Just want to note again that vaccine effectiveness could be understated because while persons with prior positive tests were excluded from the analysis, without antibody tests there could be people in the unvaxed group who had adaptive immunity.  And this was effectiveness against symptomatic infections.  PCR testing will find lots of low positives.

And speaking of all those asymptomatic infections, this study examined the rate among early recipients of the vaccines.  (JID Study)    The authors note that there was a lower level of infection in general among vaccinees but also that these infections often had very low viral loads, high levels of negative testing on followup and inability to culture virus; and therefore were unlikely to reflect truly infected or infectious persons.  This was a prospective cohort study among health care workers.  Out of over 2200 workers, only 19 infections were detected, only 3 after full vaccination.

This study shows how even PhD’s can lack basic logic skills.  The authors purport to show that vaccination which limits transmission and replication, reduces the arising of dangerous mutants.  They purport to use country comparisons and sequencing results to demonstrate this.  (Medrxiv Paper)   The authors develop an analysis which finds a correlation between vaccination levels and the amount of mutation.  But they completely ignore suppression’s effect on creating more advantage for more transmissible variants.  The harder you suppress the more advantage you give to mutations which enhance transmission.

This paper studied the development of antibody responses in infected and vaxed persons.  (Cell Paper)   It found similar antibody types occurred in both groups.  The authors note that the frequent presence of similar antibodies can exert evolutionary pressure on the virus, and lead to mutations that evade those antibodies.

T cell responses are less studied that antibody ones, but can be as or more important in the immune response to CV-19.  This paper looks at T cell development in infected persons.  (Medrxiv Paper)   The researchers found a lasting response for at least 12 months post-infection, but some components of the T cell response varied in strength depending on the severity of disease.

Here is a breakthrough infection study from Vietnam.  (SSRN Article)   Among 69 vaxed, but infected, health care workers, all whose virus was sequenced were infected by Delta.  None had serious illness.  The workers who became infected had low vax-induced antibody levels.  Viral loads were said to be much higher for Delta than prior infections, but given the lower antibody levels, not sure that finding holds up.  In fact, since the comparison was to viral loads earlier in the epidemic among non-vaxed people, I don’t understand the comparison.  And when just asymptomatic people were compared, there was no difference in viral loads.  So the higher viral loads may be an artefact of the breakthrough infections only occurring in people with weakend immune reactions to the vaccine, and presumably to infection.

Interesting article pondering the question of why there aren’t more strains of coronavirus circulating among humans.  Prior to CV-19, there were basically four commonly circulating coronavirus.  The authors speculate on why it may be hard for a new strain to jump and persist in humans.  (Cell Article)

Not sure what to think about this study, which suggests that CV-19 was circulating quite early in Italy.  I am inclined to believe that it was out there.  The researchers examined samples collected over time for measles and rubella surveillance.  They said they found some evidence of CV-19 infection among 13 patients, with some as early as September 2019.  (SSRN Paper)


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  • Richard Allison says:

    Well,Lena Wen was president of Planned Parenthood for part of 2018-2019 and given its mission isn’t particularly supportive of the pre-born, makes sense she isn’t all that caring about the post born.

  • Richard Allison says:

    Also forgot to add this to my previous post however a pretty good round up on the efficacy of masks that adds to your anti mask position.

  • dirtyjobsguy says:

    The article in “Cell” was very interesting as you point out. I’m not conversant with the biochemical details but I could follow the details of factors of propagation. It strikes me that it may help public confidence to have one of these authors talk some time. It might be over the head of most, but I think it would give some confidence that some real “experts” are involved who don’t just get on TV every night.

  • Theodoric of York says:

    Good read this, from a private school in Minnesota that was in session on campus all last year:

    “The incidence of Covid cases in our community was approximately 4.7 percent. During that time, from September 1, 2020, to June 4, 2021, the incidence of Covid cases in Minnesota was approximately 9.4 percent (source: MDH graph). With a universal mask mandate in effect throughout the state, the Covid frequency inside the PA community was half of what it was outside PA. And we were in session every day.”

  • Matt says:

    The speed demons at Fbook have already applied a “warning label” to the CJ article on RCTs, claiming it includes “misleading information”.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Appreciate the analysis of masks.

    As for vaccines, they are being used as a tool to divide us into camps (“vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated”) and to strip basic civil rights from the untouchable unvaccinated. Happening in Europe by government and America by a fascist combination of corporate and government. It’s disgusting.

    Given there exist simple remedies that aren’t being used to create a medical apartheid, I would like to hear about the case for these remedies and less about vaccines.

  • J. Thomas says:

    The biggest change in the culture of this mask crap has to do with the liberals suddenly making someone else responsible for your health. YOU are responsible for YOUR heath, no one else. Everyone knows if they don’t feel right, if something is brewing, if they have coughing or sneezing spells. Maybe in the ‘good old days’ you sucked it up and went to work, or attended a commitment such as a wedding or BD gig. By now, everyone now knows that this type of thing it morally ignorant and you should behave accordingly. Under NO circumstances is it anyone else’s fault that YOU get sick. You have your own decisions to make, diet, sleep, behaviors and choices to manage. If you have a condition that’s puts you in a high risk group for this current disease, stay the F home, but don’t make anyone else responsible for you.

    If snowflakes run the world, we all melt !

    And BTW, someone should remind FB and it’s users that their concept of adding value to this world is itself ‘misleading’.

  • J. Thomas says:

    An interesting list of the global consequences of Bill Gates, Claus Schwab & the World Economic Forum’s idea of a better world !

    BTW, have a read on their plans for a global food supply do-over. What can go wrong with that ?

  • donaldw says:

    There is something in particular that puzzles me about “breakthrough” infections. Why are they unexpected? If 5% of those with the Pfizer vaccine are not protected, and they get infected, is that a breakthrough? Seems to me that you don’t really have a breakthrough until more than 5% of the vaccinated population gets infected. Are we there yet?

  • donaldw says:

    I thought I left a comment early, but some glitch. I have a question about “breakthrough” infections. The Pfizer vaccination is supposed to have a 5% failure rate. Are the current “breakthrough” infections less than 5% of the vaccinated population? Should we not expect a 5% failure rate? If the rate is less tan 5%, should we deem it a serious crisis?

  • J. Thomas says:

    Everything is going to he a health ‘crisis’ until the WEF runs the world. Please let go of any notion you have that this is a health focused event. This is a ‘change the world’ event, leveraging health crises as a one tool. Social score cards are another tool for opportunity control. Food supply is another one in the pipeline. Every wonder why Bill gates owns so much farm land? Wake up everyone !! Much bigger picture here, put down the straw your looking through at this virus fraud.

  • Jody says:

    My opinion is that those at risk of serious consequences from this illness should get the vaccine. The rest of us should not – especially not kids. It is a matter of relative risks.

  • Debbie says:

    I noticed that Dr Malone was referenced in the comments from an earlier post. I kinda like the guy, but he’s being disparaged by all the other pandemic freaks, scientific “experts”, and vaccine proponents. Here’s a commentary by Trialsite news defending Malone’s most recent attack by an “Atlantic” journalist. Apologies if you can’t get past a paywall. The op-ed does state that he is a consultant to their website and makes them inclined to trust him. Fair enough. Mostly, Malone takes the side of the GBD to use focused protection and vaccinate those most at risk and immunocompromised. Let the young and healthy contract the virus to lead us to herd immunity quicker and safer. Gotta say, I can’t argue with that. Risks and benefits and the right of the individual to choose with informed consent. The rush by the government to vaccinate everyone, stat, even kids and pregnant women, smells fishy. New data re: efficacy and safety keeps pouring in….I think I’ll wait a bit, thank you.

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