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Hospitalizations in Recent Weeks

By August 11, 2021Commentary

Dave Dixon put together this table so we could see the trend in hospitalizations in recent weeks.  The thing to keep in mind is that we know for sure that a large percent, while listed as CV-19, were not admissions for CV-19 treatment.  And the number that are solely for remdesivir is also quite high.  So while there is an increase in hospitalizations, without knowing the trend in these other factors, it is hard to tell what the true trend is, which is important in terms of assessing the seriousness of cases.

Minnesota Covid Cases, Hospital Admissions and Deaths per Week Since the Case Low Point for the Week Ending 6/29/2021.

Week End DateMN Total Positive Covid Cases (Per Week)MN Total Covid ICU Admissions (Per Week)MN Total Covid Non-ICU Admissions (Per Week)MN Total Covid Hospital Admission (Per Week)MN Total Covid Deaths (Per Week)

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  • Rob says:

    I’ve been hearing about kids being hospitalized for RSV lately, but if they test positive for CV19 then do they get put in that column?

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