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Age-Adjusted Deaths by State, August 5

By August 6, 2021Commentary

Now here is an interesting chart.  Florida is terrible right, just causing all kinds of problems and issues and it is all their fault that we are having a case surge.  Oh wait, on an age-adjusted deaths basis, Florida is in the lowest 25%.  Way, way lower than New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan.  Hmmm, kind of puzzling, those states all have Democratic governors.  Could that have anything to do with the press treatment of Florida?   Nah, the press is totally objective.

And we can feel kind of good in Minnesota, we are doing pretty well.  Of course, if you also adjusted for minority population percent and population density and a couple of other factors, we wouldn’t look so great, and Florida would be a lot better than we are.  And of course Florida is right above us, but people were able to keep their sanity, children got to go to school, business is booming.  And look Wisconsin is tied with Minnesota, but they also had far fewer restrictions.  Yep, all those NPIs sure do work.

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  • Richard Allison says:

    The Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is, well at least technically, a Republican. However he ain’t a Desantis. More like the Maryland governor.

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