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The Barrage of Info this Morning

By August 1, 2021Commentary

Quite a drop of chart and data posts this am.  Thanks to DD and my web people for making that possible.  A few short weeks ago I thought I was on the verge of winding this down, but CV-19 to some extent, and the usual politicians and experts had other ideas.  As typical of the epidemic, anything becomes an opportunity to spread hysteria and panic, so I do my best to fight it with real data and real research summaries and hopefully helpful commentary.  That op-ed I published in the Star Tribune a couple of weeks ago is looking pretty accurate.  You can’t trust government to be forthcoming, truthful or accurate.  You can depend on it to message and massage data and science for its own purposes.  Use your own brain, that’s what its there for.  

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  • Charles Carmu says:

    Please explain who DD is. I am not a regular reader if your blog.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      That is the individual who helps with data gathering and who, unlike me, has the technical skills to do the charts and animations. he prefers to remain anonymous.

  • Bill Blanchard says:

    My apologies, but where do I find the charts/graphs you mentioned? Love your work, Please keep it up!

  • Colonel Travis says:

    Wish there were a Kevin and DD for Texas!

  • Tom Morrow says:

    Mr. Roche, thank you so much for doing this. It is an oasis of data and facts in a sea of emotional claims, much of which comes from government.

  • TimWalzLies says:

    Thanks Kevin. Great context to combat Asst Coach. He and Not A Doc Jan are using same old tricks, blaming kids. When child hosp admits are flat/down, and 65+ getting a larger share of mix.

    Our LTC Battle Plan needs a new commanding general.

  • dirtyjobsguy says:

    What is astonishing is that our regulators and official “science” types persist in misrepresenting COVID data. I don’t think there is any serious debate about these conclusions:

    1. The vaccines are astonishingly effective and safe
    2. The only other first order impact on infections is seasonal/outdoor air factors
    3. Lockdowns and Masks are at best second order mitigation actions (and probably are zero to a negative impact).
    4. Children are not at significant risk nor are they significant virus spreaders.
    5. It was always the case historically that at least 30% of the population would not receive a vaccine unless mandated. (Small exceptions for smallpox as a one-off condition).

    Most of this was known from prior epidemics or was understood in early 2020 (particularly vaccines).

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