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Minnesota LTC Cases

By August 1, 2021Commentary

Note the volatility of the ratio of LTC and non-LTC cases.   Early on with little testing, very high percent of cases, but not in reality although there is some front-loading as most vulnerable get infected most easily, then as testing ramps up, proportion falls rapidly, then a plateau, then as vaccination kicks in early this year, which this group going first, another fall, a plateau, and as both other groups are heavily vaccinated, and vaccination is less effective in this group, a slight increase in recent weeks.  On the case numbers chart, you can see the fall to very low absolute numbers, with maybe a slight rise in recent weeks.  Have I mentioned that the age structure, and ratio of LTC cases, would be similar in a fully unvaxed and a fully vaxed population?  Trust me, it will.   Thanks once more to DD.

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