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Hospitalizations Among Young People, July 30

By August 1, 2021Commentary

Oh yeah, Delta is really hard on young people, most of whom are not vaccinated and is putting a lot of them in the hospital, or so says DOH.  Problem is their own data tells a completely different story.  DD’s latest version of these charts shows 1) absolute number of hospitalizations in these age groups are ridiculous low and 2) if anything they are getting lower.  Stop the lying, especially about Delta.  (For parents fighting masking by school boards, these are your critical slides, school age children don’t get hospitalized and Delta isn’t putting them in the hospital more.)

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  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    Thank you for the charts and barrage of information. One thing that aggravates me about the state’s data is the over-attribution of hospitalizations to COVID. Thus, as you point out, absolute reported numbers for the young are low. Yet, the actual numbers are even smaller. By ignoring the data which clearly shows minuscule risk to the young, officials have heaped non-COVID harms onto this demographic. Very discouraging, to say the least.

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